MAC Liquid Lipcolor Divine Divine: Review and Swatches

MAC Liquid Lipcolor Divine Divine

Out of the many liquid lipsticks available in the market, MAC has one of the most expensive liquid lipcolor. I have 3 shades of liquid lipsticks from MAC and today I will be sharing my experience with ‘MAC Liquid Lipcolor Divine Divine’. Like all the other lipstick formulas from MAC, their liquid lipstick collection too, has different finishes, The shade

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Earn every time you shop online!

Earn every time you shop online

It has been over a month since I got to know about the website called topcashback. I heard about it in someone’s youtube video and instantly went to check it out. So, topcashback is one of the many cashback websites available in India. I personally have not tried any other cashback website as I was always skeptical about them. I

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Nykaa Nail Enamel Hasta La Pista (64): Review and Swatches

Nykaa Nail Enamel Hasta La Pista

It has been more than 18 months since I posted my Nykaa nail polish collection. I didn’t review all the shades in details as I wasn’t too sure about every color I had. Even today, I still have some shades which I kind of like while some other I have gotten rid of. Today I will be writing about Nykaa Nail

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Self Drive Road Trip – Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra

Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra A getaway from Mumbai is needed once in a while to refresh and rejuvenate. There are many options for short getaways – from lush forest reserves to idiosyncratic cultural experiences. And luckily for travel enthusiasts, the city is connected to multiple destinations with some of the best highways making road trips a lot of fun. With

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Gifting Jewelleries to Special on Special Occasions

You can never go wrong with gifting jewelleries to women. Women and jewelleries have a bond forever. Chocolates and flowers are a one-time combination that can make a woman smile. But jewelleries can make a woman feel special every time. Be it gold, silver, platinum or diamond, a jewellery just adds the perfect touch to adorn a woman’s feminine beauty.

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Jeulia Dazzling Wedding Bands For Women

Jeulia Dazzling Wedding Bands

Jeulia Dazzling Wedding Bands For Women It’s wedding season and if you have a wedding to attend then may be the only thing you are thinking about is what to wear for the wedding. But for the gentleman who is getting married, the most important task is to select a perfect wedding ring for her would be wife. The couple

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Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color Mulberry Feast (04)

Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color Mulberry Feast

It has been a little over a couple of months since Lakme launched their Matte Melt Lipstick collection. The collection consists of 8 shades and I bought all of them to try and review. I have reviewed 7 out of 8 shades in detail on my blog and today I’ll be reviewing the last shade from the collection. Today I will be

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