Moissanite Wedding Rings by Jeulia

Buying a wedding ring is one of the most important decision one makes in their life as far as buying materialistic products is concerned. Men buy wedding bands for women to show their love and commitment to them. But it is not always necessary that everyone has the budget to get the love of their life a huge diamond ring. In today’s post, we would be talking about a few other interesting options that you can choose to propose with.

Diamond Ring Alternatives

As I said, not everyone has the budget to spend a fortune on their wedding ring. To save some cash and still select the best possible ring, you can either opt for American Diamond Rings or moissanite rings. We all must have heard about American Diamond Rings, but what exactly are Moissanite Rings? Moissanite is a stone made of Silicone Carbide which imitates a diamond. Moissanite rings have a similar appearance to diamond rings and they are very difficult to tell apart. This makes moissanite a very good diamond alternative. Moissanites are very strong gemstones that are very long-lasting.

Jeulia has some very interesting Moissanite Ring options to choose from at a very affordable price range. A few options that I personally love are:

Jeulia Moissanite Three Stone Emerald Cut Ring: This is a beautiful ring with a rectangle-shaped stone as the centerpiece. It is a 3-stone ring that looks so real on the hands. The ring retails for $1089 – $1790 depending on which material to choose as your ring base.

Jeulia Moissanite Halo Pear Cut Ring: Again a very commonly shaped ring with a pear cut stone as the centerpiece and multiple small stones on the rim of the ring, this Moissanite Ring has a starting price of just $460 and can be made in different varieties of gold as per your budget. The brand gives an option of engraving letters on the ring at no additional cost for up to 8 alphabets.

Jeulia Moissanite Twist Round Cut Ring: With a circular-shaped stone in the center, this Moissanite ring by the band has a twisted detail around the rim, which makes it different from the others. The ring has a price range starting from just $335 to $895.

For people who like to experiment.

All the above-mentioned rings are the usual designs that can be seen in Diamond, American Diamond as well as Moissanite options. Now, let’s talk about some of the non-traditional options that are available on Jeulia. The website has a good variety of skull engagement rings to choose from. Yes, you read it right, there are beautiful options of skull rings that can be bought from the website. The skull rings are certainly a non orthodox option for the engagement, but if you like the Gothic look then you can certainly find a ring of your choice on the website.

WWould you dare to wear these Skull Rings? Would love to know your thoughts.

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