Jewelry that both Men and Women can wear!

Men usually have different tastes in jewelry as compared to women. There are a lot of men’s jewelry pieces that women do not prefer as their everyday pieces of jewelry. But, there are certain pieces of jewelry that both men and women can wear. In today’s post, I will discuss a few pieces of jewelry by Helloice that looks good on both Men & Women!


The most common piece of jewelry that can be seen in women is earrings. Women like to flaunt every kind of earring be it long chandelier earrings or smaller-looking studs. But when it comes to men, there are very few men who like to wear earrings, and even those who do, mostly prefer smaller studs. But contrary to the belief, mens earrings also have a great variety to choose from. Firstly there are studs like the ones shown below that look good on both Men & Women.

Then comes the small dangling ones that might be rare, but can be seen on both Men & Women on different occasions.


Chains are another piece of accessory that is loved by both genders. Men chains might seem to be different but in actuality, they are not too different than the chains of the other gender. Some of the men’s chains might be a little bulky for a woman, but like the ones shown below can easily be flaunted by both Men & Women.

But if you are someone who likes to wear bold masculine looking neckpieces, then Men Cuban link chains are something you should definitely try. These chains not only look different from Women’s chains but are also available in a number of styles and lengths to choose from as per your personal taste.

What kind of jewelry do you like the most?

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