ring gifting guide

Ring Gifting Guide

The easiest way to make someone feel special is by gifting them a ring. Whether it is a special someone or it is a friend who has always been on your side in both good and bad times, the ring is a gift that holds a special place. In today’s article, I would be sharing with you 5 ways to make the special gift even more special.

Whenever we gift someone something, it is not only the gift that matters the feelings of the one giving the gift and the way they present the gift is equally important. So, let’s talk about 3 different ways with which you can gift a ring to your special one.

Hidden Gift

The most loved and common way to propose the love of your life is by giving them engagement rings hiding it inside something. Be it a glass of champagne or maybe a cake this is the method that is most commonly seen. This might be an old age method but this is something that has its own charm. Sitting inside a nice restaurant with your loved one and a glass of wine and a cake with a ring is sure to make them feel special and convey your true feeling towards them.

Scavenger Hunt

If you are someone, who is a little adventurous, you can plan a scavenger hunt for your loved one. You can leave several clues throughout the house with little rewards and more clues that ultimately guide them to the gift you have planned for them. This is a good way to gift promise rings that tells them that you are ready for commitment!

Ring in a Box

This is the most special way to gift a ring to a special someone, wedding rings hold a very special place in everyone’s life and getting a wedding ring is an occasion that is remembered for life. After reading your vows, taking out that little box with a beautiful ring, showcasing that you both will always be together forever is certainly special.

If you are wondering where to buy the rings for your special someone, you can always go to the jewelry stores and buy them a surprise gift, but if you are someone who loves to shop online, Jeulia is an amazing option for you. It is a website that offers a large variety of rings at a variety of price ranges.

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