Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick Spooning Guaranteed (1), Review

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In today’s post I would be sharing my experience with a liquid lipstick that I have never tried before. Recently while shopping online I went to, an app I have never shopped from before and on the app I came across the brand Stay Quirky. Now, Stay Quirky have a lot of makeup products but I was most interested in their liquid lipsticks. I have heard about Stay Quirky Liquid Lipsticks in the past but have never actually tried them.

Spooning Guaranteed

The app was running an offer on the brand where I was able to buy 3 lipsticks at the price of 2. I chose to buy the mini versions of the SQ Liquid Lipsticks as it was a new brand for me and I didn’t want to invest in a full size lip product.

  • INR 199 for 1.6 ml of the product (BUY HERE)
  • INR 449 for 4.5 ml of the product (BUY HERE)
Product Description:

You don’t need words when your lips will do the talking. Be the lady who turns around tables by being the one who asks for nudes to be sent to her. Nude Lipsticks, babe. Who would dare to refuse ‘em? Go all out, all day all night, looking uber cool and super dapper with Stay Quirky Mini Liquid Lipsticks. Once set, these liquid beauties will not budge one bit. Pull off your all day and all-nighters like a boss. Fits in every little place you want it to be.


Not mentioned anywhere either on the packaging or on the website.


The Stay Quirky mini lipsticks have a different packaging as compared to the full sized product. While the full size lipstick comes in a regular transparent square shaped container, these minis come in a small cylindrical packaging with an animal print over the lid.

I don’t have the full size of these lipsticks, but as can be seen from the pictures, the wand of both the sizes differ as well. The packaging of the mini lipsticks is cute and perfect to travel with. Another thing that I liked about the packaging is the fact the the outer box also has animal print on them, plus the name of the lipstick color is mentioned in bold letters on the outer box. This makes it easier to recognise the color from outside without actually opening the box.

My Experience with the shade Spooning Guaranteed:
Spooning Guaranteed

The shade Spooning Guaranteed is a beautiful pinky n*de lipstick which is perfect for everyday use. But, the color is not perfect for every skin tone. It might look beautiful on lighter skin tones, but on my skin tone, it is not so pretty looking. Pigmentation wise, the shade Spooning Guaranteed is great. One single swipe of the color gives fully opaque lips.

Staying power of the lipstick is something that almost no other liquid lipstick in the market can beat. The formula stays for all day without fading or moving. It is completely transfer proof and can certainly last upto 100 kisses (as claimed by the brand). But this plus of the lipstick is not so amazing if you want to use the lipstick just for a couple of hours. If you try to remove the lipstick, say after 4 hours, it will give you a hard time. An oil base makeup remover might still work to remove the lipstick but any other way almost fails.

The formula of the lipstick is a little drying, so this might not be the best option for someone who is uncomfortable with the feeling of dry lips throughout the day. The formula otherwise is light weight.

Overall Experience:

Overall, I personally didn’t like the color Spooning Guaranteed on me. The shade looks beautiful in the bottle and even on the hand swatch but it does not suit my skin tone. Also I am not very impressed with the formula, it is sort of drying and it is very difficult to remove. If you are looking for a product that will last a full day, even with meals, and you are ok with slight bit of dry feeling on the lips, then this is the liquid lipstick for you!

Spooning Guaranteed
Pros of Spooning Guaranteed:
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a lot of color options
  • Easy to travel with, can fit into smallest of bags
  • Completely transfer proof with absolutely no fading
Cons of Spooning Guaranteed:
  • No list of ingredients
  • The color Spooning Guaranteed does not suit my skin tone, it still looks decent in person but in pictures it looks horrible
  • The formula feels dry on the lips
  • The lipstick is a pain to remove
  • It settles into fine line and tend to accentuate them

Rating: 2.5/5

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    1. I hinestly bought these mini ones for the packaging itself…I am glad that I did that as I am not happy witht the product and a full size would have been really difficult to finish

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