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Let’s be honest we all love to shop for designer outfits, but the price tag with which the designer pieces come is usually not so in our budget. I recently saw a beautiful dress for my little girl and wanted to buy it for her for an upcoming wedding but that one dress was priced at almost Rs 15,000/-. The dress was beautiful but honestly didn’t want to invest such an amount in a piece which my 2-year-old will just wear once. I started searching for options and after finding nothing similar, I finally went to my trusted online Fabric Store, Fabcurate. I have talked about the website in the past in one of my posts and have purchased it several times from them.

Fabcurate fabrics

If you are unaware of the website and have not read my Website Review on the same, let me give you a brief introduction before showing you what did I purchase! So, Fabcurate is an online store that is a one-stop destination for all your fabric needs. Their website has a lot of different sections to make it easier for you to select the fabric of your requirements. The starting price of the fabric is somewhere around INR 129 but it varies according to the fabric and the design. The website now even has pre-made clothes like blouses and sarees which were not available when I earlier wrote about them.

Fabcurate fabrics
What kind of Fabrics is available on Fabcurate?

Now, let’s talk about what can you buy from Fabcurate. So, when I say that the website is a one-stop destination for all your fabric needs, it is not just limited to simple fabrics, they also have a good selection of fabrics for the men in your life and even for your home. They have so many varieties of fabric options to choose from that if you are not certain about what exactly you are looking for, you can spend way more than what you intended.

What did I buy?

This is what happened with me too, I initially went on the website to buy a piece of fabric for my girl’s dress but ended up buying something more. Now since there is a lot of kind of fabrics to choose from, after finding the one that I loved, I ordered it not just for my baby but for myself too. I initially selected this Azure Blue Ombre Pattern Digital Print Poly Muslin Fabric for my girl’s top and Yale Blue And Taffy Pink Abstract Pattern Digital Print Organza Satin Fabric for her lehenga but as I said I loved the Organza Satin Fabric so much that I ordered an additional 6 mtr fabric to make myself a saree and twin with my daughter in one of the wedding functions.

Fabcurate fabrics

Honestly saying, I am so obsessed with the way the fabric looks and feels, that I am planning to buy a few more fabrics from the Fabcurate website and make matching outfits for me, my husband, and my little one! The dress that I wanted to get made for my daughter is still with the tailor, but this is how the saree looks on me.

If you like to design clothes, the store has a variety of options to choose from in the comfort of your home. The delivery time is usually just 2-7 working days. But if you are a designer and have your own boutique, you can also place a bulk order. They also provide fabric sample books which consist of all kinds of fabrics sample. This helps to get an idea of how the fabric is just by touching them before buying the full size.

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