Helloice Jewellery Favourites!

It has been a while since I have talked about my favourites. In Today’s Post I would be sharing some of the jewellery pieces that I love from the website Helloice. I have talked about the website Helloice a few times earlier in some of my past posts and have shared all the amazing products that I love by the brand. Helloice have added a few new items in their collection and I would be sharing some of my favourites from the new collection. So let’s get started!

1. Helloice 6mm 18K Gold Finish Rope Chain

Amongst all the other mens chains that are available on the website I particularly like this one especially because of how sleek it looks. This Finish Rope chain by the brand have a 18k Gold Finish and is available in different chain lengths.

2. Helloice Initial Medallion Letter Pendant Necklace in Gold2

I love anything personalised and this is the reason I love these Letter Pendants by the brand. These are a great gifting options for your loved ones. These pendant necklaces have a sleek gold chain with a pretty looking letter pendant and retails for Rs 6,000, but can bought at an amazing discount for just Rs 3093.

3. Helloice Custom Cursive Name Necklace in White Gold/ Gold

Talking about pendant, the website have a lots of other options to choose from and what can be better than a personalised name pendant. Yes I do love a letter pendant but a name pendant is even more special. Both White Gold & Gold varients can be ordered in any name for under Rs 5000

4. Helloice Blue&White Iced Hoop Earring In White Gold

Any jewellery wish list is incomplete without an amazing pair of earrings. Though I am a fan of long earrings, I absolutely loved how pretty these little Blue & White Hoops look. These hoops are Unisex and can be worn by both Men & Women.

5. Helloice 2Pcs Malachite Turquoise Black Frosted Beads Bracelet

This set of 2 bead bracelets retails for Rs 2320 and comes with an adjustable length. Both the bracelets have a bead size of 8 mm and they come packed in a secure pouch and a box.

Helloice have a free shipping policy to India. Check out their website to know more!

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