Dubai City Tour, Desert Safari and Global Village

Hello Girls,

We went to Dubai for 5 days and I have already shared with you all the photographs of two of the days. Today I will be sharing some more photographs from the trip.

We planned our Trip to the famous Desert safari on the same day as we went to the Dubai mall. Our Journey started in the afternoon at around 3pm and we came back in night at around 10. The whole experience was amazing….The actual place was around 40 minutes drive from our hotel and when we reached the placed we were stunned to see the place we were about to visit….All we were able to see was sand all around us. We took the ticket in our package with the hotel but otherwise the ticket was for around 150 AED i.e. around Rs 2600….The drive started in a land cruiser and we were taken on the world of sand. The driver gave us a break after 10 minutes so that our systems can breathe from the incredible dune bashing and we were allowed to experience the mesmerizing sun set. After sun set we again went for 10 minutes of dune bashing. After completing our journey in the desert we were taken for the BBQ dinner which was set up in a beautiful place in the sands….There we were offered free camel ride, a free henna, and were able to experience the famous Belly dancing and their local dance called Tanoura Dance…The whole experience was amazing….

desert safari  (1)

desert safari  (3)

desert safari  (4)

desert safari  (5)desert safari  (2)

desert safari  (6)

desert safari  (7)

Next Day we went for a city tour and we booked the same from our hotel. Unfortunately this was our worst experience in our whole trip. The trip was supposed to last for 4 hours but as our guide was in some sort of hurry it only lasted for about 2.5 hours. We were not taken to all the places we were supposed to go and the places we went, we were just given 10 minutes at each place. The guide took us to the famous Gold Souk and all we were allowed to do was have a round and back in 10 minutes. The same time was given to us in the beach. None of us liked the city tour, we would have explored Dubai in a much better way ourselves.

city tour (1)

city tour (2)

city tour (3)

2 (30)

city tour (5)

city tour (4)

city tour (6)

city tour (7)

city tour (9)

city tour (8)city tour (10)

city tour (11)

To all the people who are planning for Dubai,  I would suggest to explore the place yourself instead of taking a tour. They are good for nothing and you will end up paying a lot of money without enjoying much.

Thankfully the evening was our own and we decided to go to Global Village which is kind of a Trade Fair but in a much more elaborated form. The place is far from the city and had the pavilions of all the countries which had huge quantity of stuff to shop. The place also have food strolls and different dance performances.

city tour (13)

city tour (12)

city tour (15)

2 (146)

city tour (16)

city tour (14)

city tour (17)

city tour (19)

city tour (18)

city tour (20)


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    1. Thanks Linda….I loved the sunset…..seeing the setting sun in between of a desert was an amazing experience….and yes we did complain about the tour to our hotel who arranged the tour but all they said was sorry and they will try that this wouldn’t happen again…

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