Colorbar Nail Lacquer Pro in Rosewood Review and Swatches, NOTD

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Hope you all are enjoying weekend as much as I am doing….It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday here in Noida and somehow I have managed to become Jadoo….I love sun so much that I have started calling myself as Jadoo:-). Now coming back to the review, today I will be going to review a wearable shade of nail polish from the brand colorbar and the shade I have is called Rosewood.

colorbar nail polish rosewood (1)

Product quantity: 15ml

Price:  Rs 400, Colorbar too have raised their prices; I brought the color long ago at Rs 350

Product Description:

Get the perfect salon finish for your nails with Colorbar Pro Nail Lacquer; it’s double patented technology gives long lasting wear with magnified shine and nourishing care. This 15 ml Nail Lacquer bottle comes with a superior quality flat brush that promises easy and streak free application.

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My take on the product:

Packaging: The nail polish comes in a regular shaped bottle that tapers towards the base. The upper section of the bottle is wide enough to make it easy to see the color even from the top. Like many other polishes this too has a black colored screw open cap with an attached applicator. But the applicator is different from others; the applicator is so wide that color can be applied onto the nails in just one swipe. The width of the applicator can easily cover the width of the entire nail. This actually saves a lot of time but care has to be taken while applying the color on the little finger as it is smaller than the size of the brush and the color can spread out if not applied properly.

Color: Rosewood is a beautiful shade of brown, as the name might suggest. Though the young generation is not much into browns, but this is a color that can easily be worn to the office. The color is completely free of shimmers and so is easy to remove as well. It does not leave any stain on the nails while removing.

Pigmentation: The color is decently pigmented, 2 coats of the color need to be applied in order to get fully opaque color on nails. A decent color can be seen on the nails after the first coat, but the color is streaky in first coat and it becomes necessary to apply the second coat in order to hide that streakiness.

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Texture: Consistency wise the color is perfect. It is neither too thick nor too thin in formulation; it has the perfect consistency which makes it easy to apply.

Staying Power: The color stays well for around 3-4 days after which it starts fading from the top edges of the nails and might also start chipping from center sections. This can be improved by using a top coat. Personally I do not apply a color for more than 3 days and it can easily stay up to 3 days and so I don’t apply a top coat.

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Fragrance: There is nothing special about the fragrance of the polish; it smells the same as any other nail polish from any other brand. Thankfully the smell does not linger on the nails and so it doesn’t bother me.

Drying time: The color takes about less than a minute to dry completely which according to me is a pretty good time. I hate colors that take way too long to dry.

colorbar nail polish rosewood (5)


  • Decent sturdy packaging
  • Wide brush
  • Decent staying power
  • Good pigmentation
  • Easy to apply
  • Beautiful everyday color
  • Dries in less than a minute
  • Perfect consistency


  • A little pricy (especially now when the company has raise their prices)
  • Wide brush might be a problem for some girls as a lot of care has to be taken in order to avoid the color to flow out of the nail area.

colorbar nail polish rosewood (6)

colorbar nail polish rosewood (7)

Would I buy this product again?

Yes! These nail polishes comes in a variety of color options so I would like to try at least 3-4 more colors from the range

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂 1/2


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    1. Even I am Liking it….It is something I can wear whenever I like without thinking much about the dress I am wearing 🙂

    1. exactly …they go well with majority of the outfits…Sometimes the formula doesn’t work well …This one too works for 3-4 days….A top coat will help to make the color stay longer…

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