Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser

Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Whenever we get ready we try to cover the flaws we might have a foundation, but we don’t use foundations on regular basis, instead, we opt for a light BB or CC cream for daily use. Another option that we can use for daily use is tinted moisturizers. Today I will be sharing my views about ‘Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser, one such tinted moisturizer that I bought around 2 months back and which I also hauled in my Lotus Herbal Haul.

Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser

Product quantity: 50 ml

Price:  Rs 475 (BUY HERE)


Calendula Extracts Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which give soft and supple skin.

Hibiscus Natural emollient good for softening the skin. Hibiscus is also a wonderful antioxidant. It firms and lifts the skin naturally.Hibiscus contains a firming agent, which not only has a calming effect on skin but also smoothes out the wrinkles, giving a person healthy and youthful glamorous skin.

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera gel is great for moisturizing, treating Acne and pimples, fights common problems of skin aging and lessen the visibility of rashes, marks, etc.

Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser

Product Description:

NUTRAGLOW is a lightweight tinted MOISTURIZER which contains a hint of skin-perfecting color that helps in hiding any appearance of imperfections on your skin.

  • Perfect moisturizer as per the skin tone.
  • Blends easily to hide imperfections
  • Day or night, winter or summer, this innovative moisturizer can be applied as a base before applying make-up in the morning and also in the evening after removing make-up.
  • SPF-25 formula protects against the harmful UV rays.
  • Enriched with powerful active ingredients that include extracts of Aloe Vera, calendula, and hibiscus.
  • Gives a flawless finish.

Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser


The tinted moisturizer comes in a glass bottle with a pump attached to the head. The nozzle is covered with a cap. I liked the way the product looks, but the glass bottle makes the product a very fragile one and care must be taken while carrying the bottle.

My take on Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser:

When I bought this tinted moisturizer I didn’t have high hopes for the product as I assumed that being a tinted moisturizer it will have a very minimum coverage and though the word moisturizer is connected to it, I would still have to use a moisturizer with it. Thankfully everything that I assumed was not correct. Yes, it’s true that the product provides a minimum amount of coverage, but it does moisturize the skin pretty well. Like BB creams this too can be considered as a multipurpose product where it provides to advantages of many products. The moisturizer gives a minimum coverage, but it gives an illuminated look to the skin which makes my skin look glowy. This does not mean that this is not suitable for oily skin ladies; it only means that the product provides a natural glow to the skin.

Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser

The product is available in 3 different shades, Bright Angel, Fresh Ivory and Hazelnut star and I use the shade Hazelnut star. The product has a thicker creamy consistency which is very easy to blend. Though the product looks good on its own, but if you are oily and does not like your skin to look shiny, it is advised to use a powder on top of the moisturizer. The tinted moisturizer stays on for around 5-6 hours, which is pretty fine for a tinted moisturizer. My T-zone becomes oily after around 2 hours and blotting my nose with a blotting paper usually causes some of the product to fade away.

As it is a tinted moisturizer, it does not leave any dry patches on my skin and helps to lighten some of the darker areas of my skin. Having a tinted moisturizer with an SPF is an additional advantage and this product comes with an SPF of 25 which is pretty good. Yes, it’s true that the product is a bit pricey as compared to the BB and CC creams available in the market, but for me getting 50 ml of product at this price is not that bad of a deal.

My overall Experience:

Overall, I liked the product for daily use and I adore the fact that the product worked better than my expectations.

Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser

Pros of Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser:
  • The pump packaging makes it very easy and hygienic to use
  • Gives a beautiful natural looking glow to the skin
  • Might help in lightening some of the flaws on the skin
  • Has an SPF of 25
  • Stays well for a pretty long time
  • Blends like a dream
  • Works well in moisturizing the skin
Cons of Lotus Herbals Nutra Glow Daily Tinted Moisturiser:
  • It comes in a glass bottle which is prone to breakage
  • Oily skin beauties or girls who do not like a shiny/ dewy finish might not like the way it looks on the skin.
  • The product has a mild fragrance which again might not be liked by everyone, but personally, I like it.
  • Not so good coverage
Would I buy this product again?

Yes! I loved the way this product looks on my skin.

Do I recommend this?

Yes! If you are looking for something lighter than a foundation which you can use on daily basis to make your skin look good without making it look full of makeup, this is the product for you. BUY HERE

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I like calendula, hibiscus and aloe vera and the fact that it doesn’t have full coverage is good, it means ot will be a natural finish! I wouldn’t mind the fragrance, I even like it!

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