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Since the past few months I have been talking about all kind of dresses on this blog, we have discussed about body shapes, what kind of dresses to wear for certain occasions, bridesmaid dresses and even bridal dresses. But another thing which is equally important for a wedding is rings. An engagement ring is a must have for any wedding.


Today I will be introducing you all with an amazing site from where you can not only buy amazing engagement rings but can also buy a variety of other jewellery pieces for yourself and you’re loved once. The site is called Before I show you some of the stunning pieces they have, let me give a little introduction about the site.

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Whenever we think of buying an engagement ring we usually think about buying a diamond or gold ring, but unfortunately they do not come under everyone’s budget. Jeulia engagement rings give an affordable solution to this problem. The stones used in Jeulia jewellery are Swarovski Zirconia and they are especially colored in fancy diamond colors. The stones are cut in a variety of shapes to suit everyone and every occasion.  Jeulia is a brand that is passionate about manufacturing excellence and they believe in providing the same excellence to their valued customers. For achieving this, each stone used in the jewellery is individually tested for quality which is then machine cute and polished according to the requirement. Once an order is placed, the item is hand made by a specialist to give you the most elegant and attractive design. The best part about the brand is that, they provide free shipping for customers from United States, Canada, Australia, and France and a 100 day easy return policy. As each product is inspected manually and packed one by one, it takes up to 8-15 days to reach to the customer.

rrg921-52_1_ have a variety of engagement rings, promise rings for couples and cocktail rings. Not only this, but they also does offer necklaces and bracelets. Apart from engagement rings, they do have a variety of other rings which are dragon, mermaid or skull shaped. I personally loved the way the mermaid rings look.



Check out some of the unique ring designs, they have to offer:

Dragon rings:



Mermaid Rings:



Skull Rings:



These are some of my favorite rings from the site. Do check out for more such amazing options.

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  1. I loved many rings, but the dragon one is my favorite! At first I thought it was a snake, and I loved that way too, but the name dragon is even more beautiful and I loved it!

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