Lipstick Haul

Hello Beautiful ladies….

Today I will be sharing with your all some of the new lipsticks that I ordered online recently. Thought I love using MAC, Inglot and other high end lipsticks but I also keep on trying some of the more affordable brands.


I ordered 5 lipsticks a week ago and the brands I ordered were:

1. Makeup Revolution (This brand is famous for eyeshadow palettes which are supposed to be dupes of the famous Naked palettes from Urban Decay. The lipsticks are priced at Rs 450 but I brought them on a discount for Rs 338 each)

2. Blue Heaven (This used to be a street brand when I was a child and I didn’t even know that their products are sold online too. When I saw them on an online site, I thought of trying it. Another reason to get these lipsticks were their price. I bought 2 lipsticks for just Rs 210)

Enjoy the Pics !!!

Blue Heaven:Β 






Makeup Revolution








Which one did you like the most ???


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    1. Thanks Aiza…I haven’t tried any of them yet but I really hope that their formulation would be as good as the color πŸ™‚

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