Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick: Rose Plus (306) Review

Hello ladies,

Today I will be writing about one of my favorite lip products. It is a lipstick from chambor called moisture. I got this product about a year back and it is still half left. The reason is I don’t use it on a regular basis as I love it so much that I fear of finishing it up. It’s a beautiful glossy kind of brownish nude color. The color is called Rose Plus and it is number 306.


Product quantity: 4.5g

Price:  Rs. 595 but can be brought online on discount.



The lipstick comes in a shining silver packaging which makes it look beautiful. It has a rose flower on the top of the cap.

Ingredients: Not mentioned


What company claims?

An innovative “dual action” formula with a nourishing core to hydrate lips and prevent dryness; surrounded by a soft, ultra-moisture color coating for a smooth, radiant finish.

Product Details:

Two in one lisptick – Treatment with color.
It has a glossy texture.
Beautifully highlighted and totally refined lips.
Daylong comfort, infinite softness.
Water resistant – Long lasting effect.
No animal ingredients.
Non – Comodogenic.


My take on the product:

It is one of the best lipsticks I have ever used. A year back when I went to the chambor section of a store I was aiming at buying 1-2 lip stains for my mother. But my total amount reached a certain limit and I got this lip stick for free J at that time I didn’t have many lipsticks and so I was extremely happy to get it for free but when I came home and started using it I became happier.


It glides on like silk and feels so soft. It does not dry my lips nor stain them. It can very conveniently be used as an everyday product. The color is not dark and only gives a beautiful shine to my lips, a brownish nude shine. If you have very pigmented lips then it may need 2-3 swatches to build up the color. It moisturizes my lips, I usually do not use a lip balm before this and still my lips really feel moisturized. I also like the fact that it is not tested on animals.


The only little problem with this is that its staying power is not very good. It does not stay for more that 3-4 hours that too only if you don’t eat anything. But my love for this product makes me forget this point as I can reapply it whenever I feelJ. It’s a little pricy and does not stay for very long but still I love this lipstick.





  • Cute packaging
  • Applies very softly on the lips
  • Beautiful everyday color
  • Moisturizes the lips and does not make them feel dry.
  • Good quality
  • No animal testing


I did not find any cons of this product. I love it so much that even if it has any problems I can easily ignore them. But if I have to mention something I would say that it is little costly.

Would I buy this product again?

Yes I will buy it again once I finish this. But I really don’t want to finish it or lose it. Before finishing I will purchase a backup and then use it.

Do I recommend this?

Yes, without any doubt. It’s an amazing product. It’s a little pricy but is worth a try.

Rating: I would like to give it a 10/5 🙂






14 thoughts on “Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick: Rose Plus (306) Review”

    1. This is my only chambor product and I love this so much….but somehow I never gravitated towards other products from the brand….

    1. True…Chambor products are a little pricy…but they are really good…I can at least say this about this lipstick 🙂

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