LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout

LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout, Review

I have tried many black eyeliners and kohls, though I am not a huge kajal person, I do like black on my eyes every now and then. Today’s post would be about a black eyeliner from the brand LA Girl. LA Girl has 6 shades of Neon Eyeliners, all of which I have swatched on the blog. Though LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout belongs to the neon range of the eyeliners, it is not exactly a neon shaded black but is more of a regular kind of black eyeliner pencil.

Let’s get into the review to know more about the product.

LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout

Price: INR 595 for 1.2 gm of the product (BUY HERE)

Product Description:

Vivid, neon liners formulated in a creamy, water-resistant gel. The L.A.Girl Shockwave Neon Super soft, full coverage eyeliner lasts up to 16 hours. Available in 6 bright eye colors. These liners are ready to rock!

Features :

  • Neon eyeliner featuring a creamy water-resistant gel.
  • Packed with a super soft and high pigment formula.
  • Long-wearing stays put for up to 16 hours.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.
  • Paraben-free.

The list of ingredients is mentioned on the plastic wrap of the product which needs to be removed to use the pencil. Yes, the product does have information about the ingredients, but that can be read-only until you decide to use the product. If you are thinking to change the color of your eyes for a day for an occasion, go on to dailies.


These Eyeliner pencils from LA Girl are like regular eyeliner/lipliner pencils. These have a colored plastic coating surrounding them and do not sharpen as a regular wooden pencil. These may not be the easiest to sharp, but regular eyeliner pencil sharpeners do work fine for them. The colored coating is as bright as the actual color of the pencil itself. Now, as Blackout is black colored eyeliner, the outer coating of the eyeliner is bright black. The pencil comes with a transparent lid which is sturdy and makes the pencil safe to travel with.

My Experience with LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout:

The shade Blackout, as the name says, is a black colored eyeliner. It is not the blackest eyeliner available in the market but is good enough for light kohl eyes. The formula of the liner is soft and easy to use. I have sensitive eyes and anything that is too harsh makes my eyes watery (especially when I try using it in my waterline) but this does work well for me. As this is a regular-sized pencil, any pencil sharpener works well for the product.

LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout

The formula is pigmented and a couple of swipes gives nicely kohled eyes. The color might not smudge for a couple of hours, but it is not completely smudge-proof. If you decide to apply the eyeliner for more than 4-5 hours the color starts to smudge giving the effect of a smoky eye look. This especially occurs in slightly hot weather.

Overall Verdict:

Overall, for me, this is an average product. I do like the range of the LA Girl Neon eyeliner pencils, but that is due to the not so common bright shades available in the collection. The shade Blackout is a regular black eyeliner, and in my opinion, there are better black eyeliners available in the market for a much better price range. The product does work decently well for black eyeliner but comes with a relatively higher price tag. If you want to try the formula of these pencils, then I would recommend going for a different shade and not the black one.

Pros of LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout:
  • Sturdy packaging/ travel-friendly
  • Decent pigmentation
  • Paraben-free
Cons of LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Blackout:
  • Slightly on the higher price range as compared to other liners available in the market
  • Smudges after a couple of hours of application
  • Non Retractable pencil

Rating: 3.5/5

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