Colorbar Nail Lacquer Nail Swatches

8 New Colorbar Nail Lacquer Nail Swatches

In my September Haul post, I shared the 8 Colorbar Nail Polishes I bought from the newly launched 1001 shades. Today I will be sharing the Colorbar Nail Lacquer Nail Swatches of all the 8 shades I own.

Colorbar Nail Lacquer Nail Swatches

The starting price range of these nail polishes is Rs 199, all the once I have shown in this haul retails for Rs 199 (BUY HERE)

Let’s start with the 8 Colorbar Nail Lacquer Nail Swatches:

Colorbar Tennis
Colorbar Sunglasses
Colorbar My Things
Colorbar  Sunset State
Colorbar Nude Pearl
Colorbar  Silvery
Colorbar Nail Lacquer Nail Swatches
Colorbar Crimson Glow
First Impression:

I am in love with the way these polishes look. The packaging is beautiful and classy. Due to the large bottle size of the polish, they are not so travel-friendly but they look absolutely beautiful on the vanity. The shape of the bottle is square which makes it easy to store/ stack them together. As far as the formulation is concerned, it differs from color to color. Out of the 8 shades I own, some are slightly thicker in consistency than the others. The polishes with thicker consistency have a longer drying time and they are super patchy in the first coat. The shade Sunglasses is the thickest one amongst the 8 I have. So far I have only used each shade only once that too for swatching purpose, so I am not too sure about the staying power, but I do like them.

I am planning to buy a bunch of more shades from the collection just in order to try each color family and compare the consistency.

Have you tried any of the shades from these polises? Which one is your favorite?

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