Kylie Lip Kit From Flipkart

Kylie Lip Kit From Flipkart: Posie K Review

Yesterday I shared with you my Flipkart haul and promised that I’ll be sharing the detailed reviews of each product in the coming week. Today is the first day of me writing about a cheap makeup product I bought from

The first product I have from Flipkart is the very famous Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Posie K. Now, before starting with my experience with the lip kit I bought from Flipkart, I would like to mention that I do have the authentic Posie K lip kit that I bought from Kylie cosmetics official website. And as I have used the original one since almost an year I can surely say that the one from Flipkart is not authentic.

Kylie Lip Kit From Flipkart

Most of you would already have guessed that due to the extremely low price range, but for those who still are not sure about the authenticity of international makeup products on Flipkart, I would be sharing comparison pics of both the products I have.

Kylie Lip Kit From Flipkart
Let’s have a look at the pics:
Kylie Lip Kit From Flipkart
Kylie Lip Kit From Flipkart
Both the lip liners seem similar, they have a very similar font, but when seen up close, the bottom section of the lipliners differ from each other. The original lip liner has a smaller colored section at the base of the liner pencil.
Do I recommend buying Kylie Lip Kits from Flipkart?

Hell, No. I do not support fake products but I myself bought it to check the quality. The texture of the liquid lipstick itself seems fine but the lip liner is aweful. The smell of the product is what makes me say a complete no. The product smells chemically and I do not recommend using it.

Rating: 1.5/5

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