Flipkart Haul

Flipkart Haul: Buying cheap beauty products

Good Morning Friends, Today I will be starting with a week-long series where I will be reviewing cheap products from various websites. By cheap I do not actually mean affordable with good quality, but I actually mean products that seems super cheap and are too good to be true. I will be continuing this series for the entire year and will share 6 products every month from a different website.

Flipkart Haul

To start with Part 1 of the series I have 6 products from Flipkart, which I know are not the best quality but they may or may not be bad. There are a lot of products on Flipkart which I wanted to try, many of which I never bought as I knew that they were not original. The good part about these products is that the website actually does not claim them to be original. I have 2 such products in the haul and the rest are some other super cheap products.

Let’s have a look at the products I bought in this ‘Flipkart Haul’ and the ones you can expect to see in my blogs in the coming week.

1. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini: RedEdition

This is the one which I certainly know that is not original, but as I have the original product, I wanted to try these to find the exact differences. The first thing that I noticed is the packaging which is super flimsy and the pink shade in the set is too bright as compared to the original one. Detailed review with the shade to shade comparison would be soon up on the blog.

This set is priced at Rs 156 on Flipkart but due to additional delivery charges it costed me 196 bucks which is not too bad for 4 products (if the quality is decent). I personally do not recommend fakes or dupes as they simply copy the ingredient list but of course do not use the same ingredients, and the ingredients used by them might not be safe.

Flipkart Haul
2.Beauty Blender Foundation and Makeup Sponge (BUY HERE)

This one again is not the original beauty blender but is a regular makeup sponge. The actual product I received is different from the picture shown on the website. The picture on the website duplicated the exact Beauty Blender packaging but the sponge I received just mentiones ‘Makeup Puff’ with a company name Ariya. This particular sponge retails for Rs 67 and with delivery charges it was priced at 102 Rs. I certainly did not expect an original beauty blender but I am curious to try a beauty sponge that is only 100 bucks. If this one works decently, it can be something that might be good for everyday use.

Flipkart Haul
3. MN Super Matte Lipliner pack of 12 (BUY HERE)

This set of 12 lipliners seems to be a good buy to me. With delivery charges, this set of 12 lipliners were priced at only 180 bucks which makes it just 15 Rs per lip liner. I have swatched a couple of these and I do like the way they work. Hope that they work equally good on the lips too.

Flipkart Haul
4. Glam 21 Professional 51 Color Eyeshadow (BUY HERE)

This eyeshadow palette contains 46 gm of products and 51 shades. The palette with delivery charges retails just for Rs 300 which according to me is a great deal. I haven’t yet swatched these eyeshadows, but after looking into the pan, the quality seems average. But for 300 bucks this is a great palette for someone who wants to experiment with colors. The palette is huge, much bigger than what I expected and I am glad that I bought this for this series. Hope that the shades work equally well.

Flipkart Haul
5. Huda Beauty Mirror Nail Polish Dark Pink (BUY HERE)

These mirror nail polishes has been making rounds on Instagram and many other apps like Elanic since a long time and I always wanted to try them, so I finally bought the shade Dark Pink from Flipkart. Now, these might be mirror finish nail polishes but are not certainly from the brand Huda Beauty as the brand do not make any product like this. The product looks decent but has a big price point. With delivery charges I paid 180 Rs for a single polish which is much more than polishes from many brands available in the market nowadays.

Flipkart Haul
6. Kylie Jenner Lip kit – Posie K

The final product I have in this haul is the famous Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Posie K. I do have the original product and I love it to the core. I have even reviewed it on the blog. This particular product grabbed my attention on Flipkart a few months back and I bought it for comparison purposes, but I never actually wrote about it. This series is the right chance for me to try and compare this lip kit to the original one. This lip kit is currently out of stock on Flipkart but when I bought it, it was priced at Rs 399.

Flipkart Haul

I will be reviewing each of these products in detail in the coming week and will tell you which one of these is worth buying and which one can be skipped.

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