Mirror Nail Polish

Mirror Nail Polish from Flipkart: Review

Next product in my series of Buying Cheap Beauty Products from Flipkart, is ‘Huda Mirror Nail Polish’. Now, this particular product is not exactly cheap, the nail polish is priced at Rs 180 (with delivery charges) but can be called cheap as it is a knockoff of Huda Beauty. The brand itself does not make any such product but the manufacturers of the nail polish are using the brand name and selling the product as ‘Huda Mirror Polish’.

Mirror Nail Polish

These nail polishes are available in a number of color options. These can be found in the local market as well as online, including some resale apps like Elanic. The color I opted for is called Dark Pink.


Rs 135 for 20 ml of product (Rs 45 additional has to be paid as delivery charges). This is mentioned as the discounted price of the polish and the original price tag says Rs 599 which can be considered justified if this would have been an original product. But as this is not an original product, the mentioned price and the supposedly offered discount is only a strategy to trick the customers. (BUY HERE)

Mirror Nail Polish

The polish comes in a shiney metallic bottle with a same colored cap. As I have the dark pink shade, the bottle as well as the cap are metallic pink in color. When seen from far the bottle actually kind of look good, but up close the font and the way the brand name is written is kind of cheap looking.

My Experience with Huda Mirror Nail Polish:

The shade Dark Pink, is a super bright pink with tons of small glitter particles in it. The formulation of the polish is thick as compared to regular polishes and it is extremely pigmented. One single swipe is sufficient for a completely opaque color.

Mirror Nail Polish

But, those of you who are looking for mirror polishes, this do not look the way you would expect. It is not a clean reflective finish, but the polish is packed with many small glitters which makes it shiny and reflective. Though the glitters are not chunky and cannot be felt, but, when observed carefully, they can easily be seen.

I am impressed with the staying power of the polish and by the fact that it does not make my nails yellow. Also as expected from such polishes, this do not stain my nails

Mirror Nail Polish
Overall Thoughts:

I am not exactly happy with the price I paid for the polish nor do I actually like the packaging or the finish especially as it is not what I expected. But, if you have a party to attend and are interested in a sparkly fancy looking nail color, then this is one of the best option available. It is highly pigmented, easy to use and have a good drying time. I would definitely try at least one more color from the range.

Mirror Nail Polish
Additional Comments:

Now, there are multiple sellers all over the place selling these Huda Mirror Polishes and all have different price ranges. Not only the color options and price range differ amongst the sellers, some sellers have these Polishes with different packaging. The one I have has a straight top lid whereas others have an angled lid. Assuming that the formula of those polishes would be the same as the one I have, if you really are interested in buying one for yourself, then any one can be choosen.

Pros of Huda Mirror Nail Polish:
  • Easily available in a number of shades
  • Highly pigmented, one swipe gives a fully opaque sparkly nail color
  • Stays easily for 3-4 days without chipping
  • Do not make the nails yellow (even when used without a nail base)
  • Do not stain nails
  • Looks good (if you are into shiny metallic looking nails)
Cons of Huda Mirror Nail Polish:
  • First and the major con is that this is not by the brand Huda Beauty
  • Pricey for a single bottle
  • The finish is certainly, not mirror like
  • Might not be everyone’s finish of choice
  • The packaging looks cheap

Rating: 2/5 (The polish itself is not bad, but using the brand name and glitter particles to make it look shiny puts me off)

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