Innovative Ways to Announce your Engagement

Innovative Ways to Announce your Engagement

You have finally found your soulmate and likely want to stand on the rooftops and let the world know, yet there are cooler ways of announcing your engagement, especially with digital solutions. It is perfectly natural to want all of your family and friends that you are getting engaged, and with that in mind, here are just a few novel ways of doing just that.

Innovative Ways to Announce your Engagement

1. Make a Video – If you are not exactly a professional at video editing, have no fear, as there are apps that do all the hard work for you, by adding transitions and other special effects, and all you have to do is upload your images and insert your text. You could always create a YouTube account and upload the engagement announcement video, and who knows, it might go viral!

2. The Traditional Newspaper Announcement – Despite the digital revolution, many couples are turning to the daily papers for an engagement announcement, which is traditional in Australia. Prices depend on which publication you want to use, and it does pay to shop around.

3. Social Media – Who doesn’t use social media these days? You could create a stunning image of the two of you with some superimposed text and post it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and try to ensure that her diamond engagement ring is very prominent, and in the unlikely event you have yet to source the ring, you can shop for custom engagement rings in Sydney or in your local area, and with a reputable online retailer that has an extensive catalogue of designs to choose from, your ring will truly be unique.

4. Matching T-Shirts – This really is a novel way to tell the word you are an item, and with so many original captions, there’s no limit to how you can break the news. Obviously, it must be something you are both happy with, and half an hour online will certainly give you some inspiration.

5. Matching Coffee Mugs – This is a great idea and with the right image uploaded onto your Instagram and Facebook accounts, the whole world will soon be aware of the up and coming wedding. If you’re lacking some inspiration, check out a great article on novel engagement announcement ideas, which should provide the ideal solution.

6. Signage – If you really want to let everyone know, why not hire some billboard space, and with digital display boards, you can create your very own slideshow. Imagine how your friends would react if they suddenly saw a newsflash on a big billboard, telling them of your new relationship?


You are only restricted by your own creativity and imagination, and with the right diamond ring to show, you and your partner can look forward to a lifetime of happiness together.

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