Shein Haul and Website Review

Shein Haul and Website Review

It has been a while since I am planning to write about Shein, but it hasn’t been possible yet. Most of you must be aware of the website, but for those of you, who do not know what Shein is, it is a website based in New Jersey which came into the business in 2008. Since then the website has grown to be a multinational website which offers a huge variety of products. The products available on Shein includes clothing, shoes, accessories and many more things.

Shein Haul and Website Review

Shein is a women-only website, which means that they only have products for ladies and teens and nothing for men. I have ordered mainly clothing and handbags from the website and have loved most of their products.

Continue reading to know more about the website and my experience with what I ordered.

Delivery time:

The company mentions the delivery time anywhere between 3-15 working days, but I have always received my orders within a week of ordering.

Shipping charges: offers free standard shipping on all orders Rs 2600 and free express shipping on all orders above Rs 6435. They also offer free shipping on your first order (no minimum amount required).

Payment Options:


Like the majority of other websites, you can pay via a credit or debit card, but Shein does also offer Cash on Delivery option, but the total order amount must not be more than ₹13000 in order to select the cash on delivery option. Also, a COD charge of ₹78  is added as a delivery service fee.

COD orders can be canceled easily within 6 hours of ordering, after which it needs to be canceled by submitting a ticket.

Custom Duties:

No additional customs duties need to be paid with the order, which is maybe because the website does have a warehouse in India.


Everything that you select in one order comes together in a big box, unlike the websites like Myntra, where you can select products from different brands, which usually come separately packed, everything ordered from Shein comes together. I personally haven’t had any issues with the packaging from the website.

Products ordered:

Tops & T-Shirts:

Shein Haul and Website Review

I love the quality and the variety of the tops shein has. Amongst the 5 tops/ bodysuits, the first four were perfectly my size and had an amazing fit. Unfortunately, the bodysuit was super tight on me, and I do remember ordering a bigger size. So, if you are planning to order a bodysuit from the website, make sure to order a bigger size.

Dresses:Shein Haul and Website Review

There are so many dresses on the website which I want to order, but due to the sizing issues, I have ordered only 3 dresses from the website. The blue one was my favorite and that was the only one that didn’t fit me.


Shein Haul and Website Review

I ended up returning the black bag, as it was smaller in size than what I expected. The sizes of the bags are mentioned on the website, but I somehow missed it and assumed the bag to be bigger than what it was.

Same happened with the red bag, it is smaller than what I expected, but I did like the bag and so ended up keeping it. This particular bag is easily available in the local markets in Delhi. Also, similar bags can be seen on Myntra, but at a slightly higher price point.


Sizing is a big issue with the website, they do have size charts for all the items but the sizes differ for different types of clothing. Some clothing items are true to size while some others might run large or small from their mentioned size. Before ordering any clothing piece from the website make sure to check out the sizing chart as well as the customer reviews and photos.

Apart from the clothing, there are a number of products on the website and majority of the products do look same as shown in the picture on the website.

My Experience with

I do like the website, though it is not one of my go-to websites. The website does have some great deals, but the number of products they have sometimes get overwhelming for me. I have ordered a number of clothing items from the website (some affordable and some little pricey), and recently some bags too. I loved everything I have ordered, but at least half of the products either didn’t look as expected on me or didn’t fit me, so I ended up either returning them or passing them to my friends or family.

Quality wise, the website can be a hit or miss. Some of the products have amazing quality while some others literally smell and feel like a balloon.

The products shown on the website and not exactly unique. Majority of the items can be seen on other websites like Wish, Romwe or Club Factory (or even some insta sellers). But amongst others mentioned, Shein is the most reliable one (at least for me).

Returns and Refunds:

Returning any product you don’t like or does not fit is kind of simple. All you have to do is open your recent orders, select the return option followed by selecting the items you want to return. Once accepted, you can either return the items to the mentioned address yourself or you can ask them to pick up the products from the delivery address. If you decide to get the products picked, an amount of Rs 65 gets deducted from your total refund amount as a pickup fee.

I have ordered 3-4 times from the website and have experienced few sizing issues. Earlier the website didn’t have any pickup option and so the non-fitting items ended up being with me only (I am kind of lazy to courier back the items). But in my last order, I returned two items and got my refund within 2 days.

Refund gets generated in your Shein wallet, which can either be reused for a future purchase or can also be cashed out in the bank account you initially paid from.


Have you ordered anything from the website? How was your experience?

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, everything I have shown in the blog post
has been purchased with my own money.

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    1. I have ordered several times from the website and it might not exactly be too affordable (as everyone says), but some of the products are really good.

    1. I bought everything I showed in the pictures. Some of the products didn’t fit me too well, but the others were great.

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