Ways to Organise Sunglasses

Organising Accessories: 5 Ways to Organise Sunglasses

I love to buy things and it becomes really important for me to organize the things I have in such a way that I am able to see each one of them. If I can’t see a product or if it is difficult for me to reach to a certain product in my closet, I end up not using it. Whenever I get ready I am always in a hurry and I prefer to grab whatever I see and leave.

Since the past couple of months, I am trying to organize small sections of my closet in such a way which makes me want to use everything I have. This not only saves me a lot of time while getting ready but it also looks aesthetically pleasing.In my few upcoming posts I’ll be sharing top 5 ways/ideas in which I like to organize my accessories (as they are the one which gets cluttered the most).

Ways to Organise Sunglasses

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about 5 ways in which you can organize your sunglasses.

Let’s begin:

1. Hard Case:

The simplest way I can think of to organize my Sunglasses is to store them in their own boxes. This is something I especially do with pricer sunglasses. But, as each brand has a different kind of sunglass cover, they do not look as pretty stored together. To make them look pretty, you can buy the fancy looking sunglass boxes from any local market. But while buying them, make sure to find the Hard case ones, which can protect your glasses.Ways to Organise Sunglasses

2. Eyeglass Holder:

If you have just a couple of pair of sunglasses and you want to display them, then an eyeglass holder is the cutest option available for you. These are mainly marketed as a specs holder, but sunglasses look equally cute on them. Each eyeglass holder holds just one pair of sunglass.

Ways to Organise Sunglasses3. Sunglass Tray/Organizer:

This particular way to organize sunglasses is not for everyone, but you can use this if you have lots of sunglasses to store. Sunglass organizers not only keep the glasses safe, they also display them beautifully. Such type of organizers are famous for jewelry and watches as well.

Ways to Organise Sunglasses

4. Acrylic Organiser With Drawers:

These organizers are also something which is famous for organizing makeup, but hey, they are as good for sunglasses too. The one shown in the picture below contains 6 drawers and can easily fit 6 pairs of sunglasses. Organising sunglasses in these transparent drawers not only keep them safe from dust but also make them look aesthetically pleasing.

Ways to Organise Sunglasses


5. DIY Sunglass Holder:

Though I call it a DIY sunglass holder, but actually it is a simple hanger which I use to store and display my sunglasses. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to store sunglasses. I personally display my not so pricey sunglasses on a hanger. It really makes selecting and grabbing the desired piece super easy.

Ways to Organise Sunglasses

All the above-mentioned ways are nothing too innovative, everything is easily available in the market, all you have to do is think about multiple ways to use a given item.

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