Website Review: Fabcurate, a place for all your fabric needs!

It has been a while since I wrote about a new website. I always used to try new websites in the past, but after a couple of years, I started ordering things from very few limited websites. Until recently when I decided to try new brands for all my shopping needs. There are a few multi-brand websites that I usually buy from, but whenever there is a brand that has its own website too, I try to buy from the brand’s official website to experience their customer service.

Today’s review would be about one such new website which I found recently. The website that I would be talking about today is called Fabcurate. Fabcurate is a website for all your fabric requirements. The website has a huge collection of fabrics to choose from be it the material of the fabric, colors, or even prints. Not only this, you can actually customize the design of your choice on your selected fabric. Isn’t this amazing! Some of these website designs are required as seo for boutique stores and other such franchises as they are user-friendly and attractive!

These Fabrics can be used for anything and everything. If you want to customize a Saree, then simply order a 6-meter pc of fabric, spice it up with some lace and you are good to go. The website has a lot of different varieties of fabrics that can not only be used in making clothing pieces but can also be used as home furnishings.

Now, before showing you the fabric I bought from the website and sharing it with you, how am I planning to use the particular fabric, let’s first know a little bit more about the website.

About Fabcurate

Fabcurate is a Surat, Gujrat-based company that was born with the sole purpose of curating the best fabrics. At Fabcurate they facilitate all the designers to create anything they imagine. Fabcurate has fully trained artisans to create different crafts like Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie & Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, etc which reflect that royal Indian culture in their making.

They have a 3 step system of how things work!

What all options are available?

The first thing that you select is your design. Although they do have pre printed fabrics but if you are looking for a specific kind of design in your choice of material, then you can select they design from their large collection of designs. They have numerous designs ranging from Geometrical designs, Marble Prints, Batik Prints, Cartoon prints and many more. If you wish to curate your own design then even that can be done. Apart from that they have a special boutique collection in a variety of beautiful designs as well as materials.


Fabcurate not only ace the game in different kinds of fabrics but they do also give you a lot of options of Lace accessories to choose form. So if you are someone who is willing to create a specific kind of outfit then Fabcurate is an amazing option for you.

Which Fabric did I choose?

Now, coming to the Fabric that I selected, I was willing to try the website first so I went with a Multi-Color Rainbow Pattern Digital Print Georgette Fabric and I ordered 2.5 meters of the same. Now, although I can do a lot of things with this fabric, I bought this particular multicolored fabric for a certain dress that I have in my mind.


I would be making the dress out of this fabric and would be sharing the same with you on my YouTube Channel. But till the time I have all the supplies I am using this as my cushion cover.

Price: 0.5 mtr of this particular fabric retails for just ₹84.00

If I am sucessful in creating the dress that I have in my mind, then I would be going back for a couple of more designs and would make a few cute dresses for my daughter as well.

Shipping Time & Delivery Charges:

Fabcurate does not have any delivery charges if you shop for ₹999 and above. Also, they deliver the products within 2-10 days. I received my fabric in 4 working days. All the other information about the Payment Terms and the Shipping policy can be found in their Shipping & Payment Policy section.

If you are interested in buying something from Fabcurate, then you can use my affiliate code CRAZYABOUTCOLORS10 to get a 10% discount on all your purchases!

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