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Today I will be introducing you all to an amazing site called and will be showing you a set of brushes that were sent to me by the site.

Cosmetic Makeup Brush Kit (1)

Cosmetic Makeup Brush Kit (5)

Price: $17.99 but this set is currently available on discount for $10.65


  • New and high quality makeup brush set.
  • With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin.
  • Sophisticated and practical design.
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry.
  • Good choice for women.

Packaging: The set of brushes come packed in small plastic sleeves which are further packed inside a recyclable pouch bag. The plastic pouches protect the brushes from dirt but are not a very good option to store them.


My Take on the product:

The set that I will be talking about today has 11 brushes ranging from large face brushes to small eye liner brushes. All the brushes in the set have a bamboo brush handle which makes them durable and eco friendly at the same time. All the brushes are of decent quality and have very soft bristles. The bristle helps to pick up the product in the required quantity and impart the product in the perfect amounts. The bristles are dual colored which makes them look even more attractive. I have been using the brushes for more than a week now and have already washed it twice. The thing that I actually loved is that the bristles of the brushes do not shed. This usually happens with majority of the cheap brushes, but this is something different. The only complain I have with these brushes is that, they lose their shape. This especially happens with the large brushes.



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The brushes that are present in the set are:

  1. Dome Blush Brush

This is the tallest brush of the set. It has a thicker handle which makes it really easy to use. The bristles of this brush are made in a way that it pics up blush in a real nice way. But care has to be taken while using this brush, as sometimes it might pick up just too much of the product which might end making you look clown face.

dome blush brush

  1. Foundation Brush

The foundation brush present in the set is just like any other foundation brush. It is one of the flat brushes which help to impart great blending of the foundation. I personally am not very fond of using flat brushes for my makeup but this one is a must in any makeup kit.

foundation brush

  1. Dome Blush Brush

Though as per the discussion made by the company it is a blush brush, but as per my personal choice this one is a little too small to be used as a blush brush. I tried blending concealer with this but this brush does not work for that too as the bristles are very soft for blending concealer. The best way this brush can be used is for highlighter application. This brush has the perfect size for highlighters and can fit easily on the cheek bone.

dome blush brush (2)

  1. Dome blending Eye Brush

A blending brush is a must have in any girls makeup brush collection and this set has an amazing brush that can be used for blending. The shape and size of the bristles of this brush makes it just perfect for blending shadows. The brush blends the shadows well with ease without leaving any harsh lines.

dome blending eye brush

  1. Angled Brush

When I started doing eye makeup, I wasn’t aware about the use of this brush. Angled brushes are best to be used in the crease area of the eyes. The angles brush present in the kit worked beautifully in the crease.

angled blush

  1. Eye shadow Brush

The eyeshadow brush of the kit is something that I would prefer using with a cream shadow. This brush works well with cream shadows and can also be used for patting glitters onto the lids. But this did not work very well for general shadow application.

eye shadow brush

  1. Round Nose Brush

This is one of the brushes that I didn’t know how to use until I saw its description on the site. I have never heard of a Nose brush and after using this I can say that this is a unique brush that cannot be found in every brush set.

round nose brush

  1. Eyeliner Brush

This is one of the brushes that I loved the most. I love to apply gel liners but it sometimes become difficult to use them with the brush provided with them. I use maybelline’s gel liner and was satisfied with the brush but I really wanted to try something new and this brush came to my rescue. Its angle head makes it a perfect brush for applying gel liner.

eye liner brush

  1. Blender Face Brush

The brush is used for applying powder to the face. This works well with both compact as well as loose powders. This is one of my go to brushes and I cannot have enough of these.

blender face brush

  1. Flat Top Brush

This is the kind of brush that I usually apply my foundation with. The bristles of this brush are dense which makes foundation application easier. The foundation blends smoothly with this brush and it does not leave any harsh lines.

flat top brush

  1. Mini Kabuki Brush

This is the cutest of all. The size of the handle is so small that it sometimes becomes really difficult to hold the brush, especially if you have long nails. But I have still managed to use the brush. I wasn’t sure about how to use this, using it for foundation would have been difficult due to the size of the handle so I decided to try this for applying my bronzer and surprisingly it worked well.

mini kabuki brushSome more Images:

Cosmetic Makeup Brush Kit (2)

Cosmetic Makeup Brush Kit (3)

Cosmetic Makeup Brush Kit (4)

Overall I can say that though not the best, but it is a great set especially considering the price.

The brush set can be brought here:

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  1. I have the same kit and i love it.. Apart from the big round brush and big flat brush no other shed even once.. I love the quality and it indeed has smooth bristles 😀

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