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Hello beautiful Ladies! How are you all ? Hope you are enjoying your Saturday Night ๐Ÿ™‚

Since the day I started this blog I am more into makeup and fashion and this makes me surf the net in search of new brands and site from where I can buy stuff. my search for something new made me discover an amazing site called Dresslink.com. Whenย I saw the site I was surprised by the prices. The site has some awesome stuff ranging from clothing, shoes, bags to many other accessories in the most affordable price range. I could not resist myself and I ordered one of the dresses.

dress 7.38Price: USD 7.38 (BUY HERE)

This dress was available in 3 color options: white, gray and black but I already have many black and white dresses but didn’t have anything in gray so I ordered the Gray one.

The site has some great stuff and so I already have a wish list:-)

1 8.31

Price: $8.31ย (BUY HERE)

This was the first dress that caught my attention. These days I am loving lace and nets which made me instantly love this dress.

2 $7.38Price: $7.38ย (BUY HERE)

A simple cute bright colored dress is perfect for summers. the full sleeves might protect you from the harmful UV rays.

3 8.77Price: $ 8.77ย (BUY HERE)

This bright neon colored dress perfectly fits into the high low trend. bright color makes it look even prettier in summers. this is one of my favorite dresses.

4 $11.78Price: $11.78ย (BUY HERE)

Selecting clothes to suit the rising temperature might get difficult sometimes. This dress will help to make you look cool and classy at the same time.

5 $10.16Price: $10.16ย (BUY HERE)

Nothing can beat white in summers. This summer jacket gives a perfect look which is formal and ready to face the heat.

6 $9.46Price:ย $9.46ย (BUY HERE)

Orange is my favorite color, so I couldn’t skip this one ๐Ÿ™‚

7 $9.00Price: $ 9ย (BUY HERE)

Look how beautiful this skirt looks. Floral patterns soothes the eyes and give you a more feminine look.

8 13.17Price:ย $13.17ย (BUY HERE)

Ombre, another trending fashion.

The site not only have great dresses, but they too have a great collection of bags. these are the two bags I would really love to buy especially of their affordable price.

9 4.14


Price: $4.14ย (BUY HERE)

Both the color are pretty, But I would personally like to buy the black one as it would go with majority of things.

10 6.92Price: $6.92ย (BUY HERE)

These are one of the prettiest clutches that I came across on the site. They come in 5 different colors and each one of them look pretty.

11 8.07Price:ย $8.07ย (BUY HERE)

Now this is something unique. I have never seen a bag of this sort. Its structured and extremely cute to carry.

12 11.08

Price $ 11.08 (BUY HERE)

I saw these kind of heels in the market few months back but they were way too pricy so I didn’t buy them. But when I saw these here that too at such an affordable price, I fell in love with them again.

These are very few items that I want to get from this site, they have many more amazing products. Do check out the site ย Dresslink.com


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