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How you all are, hope you have a great Monday and a great week ahead. Today I will be sharing with you all, my experience with Za’s Perfect Solution Cleansing foam which I got few months back and I even did a haul for the same. I got 3 Za products in a set and now after using them all thoroughly I am ready to write about them. The first Za product that I will start with is the cleansing form, which is actually my most used product out of all the 3 products.

za cleansing foam

Product quantity: 100 gm

Price:  Rs 399


za cleansing foam


Product Description:

  • This Cleansing Foam has a rich, resilient lather that permeates into the skin to gently remove impurities and make skin feeling plump, firm and glowing.
  • Its fine micro-bubbles remove excess surface cells to give clear, radiant and soft skin.

My take on the product:

Za’s Perfect Solution cleansing foam comes in a bright pink colored tube with a flip open cap. The pink color of the tube makes it more appealing to the eyes. I got this product in a set of 3 consisting of a moisturizer and a toner. These are the first ever products that I purchased from this brand, and as most of the products from the brands are well hyped; I had great expectation from this too. Thankfully, I can say that the product worked well as per my expectations.

za cleansing foam

One thing that I expect from my face washes and cleansers are that they will make my skin look clean and will give me a fresh feeling and this particular product does this extremely well. It has been more than 2 months since I am using this product, and honestly speaking I just love the way it cleans my skin. Only a small size of the product is sufficient to work wonders. The smallest amount of product works into a good amount of lather which is sufficient for the whole face. The product makes me look instantly fairer and makes me feel fresh.

za cleansing foam

za cleansing foam

The only complain I have with this is that sometimes, as most of the other cleansers do, this too makes my skin a bit dry and I instantly need the feel of applying a moisturiser. Except this I have no complaints from the product and I genuinely love it.


  • Only a small amount of product is required for the complete face
  • Makes skin feel soft and fresh
  • Instantly makes you look fairer
  • Adorable packaging


  • Pricy
  • Makes skin feel dry.

za cleansing foam

Would I buy this product again?

Yes…I loved the way this product worked for me and yes I would love to buy it again

Do I recommend this?

If you are ok with spending 400 bucks on a face cleanser, then this is a must try.

Rating: 4.5/5


19 thoughts on “Za Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam”

  1. I love foams, to make the skin feel soft and nice, so this foam must be great! Pricey, as you said, OK, but sometimes pricey is OK when quality is good!

  2. I absolutely love face washes that make your skin feel squeaky clean 😀 Za makes some amazing products but I still have to try this brand. Maybe I’ll start with this cleanser! Do you think it will suit oily skin?

  3. 400 bucks? I would give it a try, if I could affort it, but as it is I’ll have to pass. I’m happy it worked for you and that it did what a face wash is expected to do, that is clean our face and make us feel fresh. That being said, at the moment I’m using only a bar of natural goat milk and olive oil soap to clean my face. I had great luck with face washers , I really can’t complain, but I just felt like trying something new, you know what I mean?

  4. Quite pricey!!! I tried Za true exfoliating clay and that also dries out the skin and you need a moisturizer! But will try this if it makes me feel clean and fresh.


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