July Fab Bag Review and Pictures

It has been more than 2 years since I started my subscription with Fab Bag. At that time it was known as the velvette box, which later got changed into the Fab Bag. Since these two years, I have received all kinds of bags some of which I liked and some I didn’t like much. Today I will be sharing with you all my July month Bag which is one of my most loved bags. I not only liked the beautiful Golden bag they gave us this time, but I also loved the products that I received inside my bag. Read out the complete review to find out what all I received in my July’s bag.

July Fab Bag

For those girls who are not aware about what is Fab Bag, it is a monthly subscription bag in which you get 3-4 sample size makeup and skin care products of various brands. Every bag is customized according to personal preference and skin type. Though the bag and the products are a surprise but in the beginning of subscription a questionnaire is asked to be filled to understand the skin problem, choice of makeup and hair type which really help the Fab Bag team to customize the bag especially for us. The products are always packed in a cute bag which is different every month. The company also provides with a little booklet which contains the details about all the products received in the bag as well as some other products that can be brought from the site.

July Fab Bag

Sometimes Fab Bag does provide 1-2 full sized products too and sometimes you can also get more than 3 products plus some additional goodies.

July Fab Bag

The subscription can be made for a single month or for the whole year.  The prices are:

For 1 month subscription: Rs 599 per month

For 3 month subscription: Rs 1499 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 6 month subscription: Rs 2699 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 12 month subscription: Rs 4799 i.e. around Rs 399 per month

Fab Bag does offer Mid-Term Cancellation, Free shipping and Money-Back Guarantee

July Fab Bag

You can subscribe to get you bag HERE

Without writing much, I would now jump into what all I received in my July Bag

July Fab Bag

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in Ruby (Rs 1500 for 3.5gm)

The one thing that I like about these kinds of subscription boxes are that I got to try those products which I might not buy individually and this lipstick is one of those products. I am not really aware about this brand and I might have not bought this lipstick as it is on a pricy side, but due to the amazing concept of Fab Bag, I got a chance to try this and honestly I loved this product. The shade I got is called Ruby and it is a bright red colored lipstick. The lipstick looks good in the bullet but it looks even better on the lips. It is described as a must have for a true siren pout. The best part about this lipstick is that it is a mineralized lipstick which not only moisturizes the lips but also stays on them for a pretty long time.

July Fab BagJuly Fab BagSUGAR Eye Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Swan (Rs 699)

This is another brand that I haven’t heard of before, but I must say that the product I received is amazing. This eyeliner has a felt tip kind of wand which works extremely well in getting a perfect thinnest line on the lids. The company claims the liner to be a waterproof one which stays for 24 hours. Though it is a good one and stays for a long time, I won’t say that this is completely waterproof. Yes it would not go off anywhere if you get a splash of water on your face, but it can definitely not stand rain.

July Fab Bag

July Fab Bag

July Fab Bag


July Fab Bag

Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen (Rs 2400 for 115ml)

This is the first product that is sample sized; both the above mentioned products are full sized. Though this one is not full sized, the quantity is pretty nice. I received a 60 ml sample of the product in my bag. The product is said to be infused with heavenly essential oils, which leaves skin luxuriously perfumed with a hint of sparkle! I don’t have much to say about this product yet as I haven’t used it, but yes I am really excited to use this one.

July Fab Bag

Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub (Rs 279 for 50 gm) & Face Wash (Rs 349 for 100 ml)

Fab Bag team seems to work well with brands as they always find new brands for us to try and this is another brand which I have never heard of. I received 2 miniature sized tubes of both the scrub and face wash each of which contains 8 ml product. I do feel that the samples are way too small, but I received 2 full sized products in my July bag, thus I am fine with the two little tubes. I haven’t used these products either, but I will try them soon and give you an updated review.

July Fab Bag

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this month’s Bag as I received 2 full sized products and 2 sample sized products and unlike other month’s bags, this time all the products are such that I can try them without having to wait for a perfect occasion.

Disclaimer- This month's bag was sent to me by the brand, but all the opinions I     expressed are my own

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  1. Reminds me of Ipsy which I love a lot. I love getting these little package every month! It’s so fun.
    Your bag this month is actually really cool since you can actually double it up as a clutch!

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