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Which Style to Choose for Your Wedding

What is your favorite style of a wedding dress? It seems a super difficult topic for all girls. The typical scene in most of the love films is that a girl stands in front of a mirror, keeping matching her apparel to look better before a date. We just want to look amazing all the time. Then how to look breathtaking beautiful on the wedding day, the most important time of all our lifetimes? There are two main answers: Ball gown and Lace. If you are soon to celebrate this important day, check out the options available at Phoenix wedding venues, you will find perfect spots to host your celebration.

Now if you are either one of these two groups or both, follow me. I will help you find the most suitable dress style for your big day.

1. The season matters.

If the wedding is held soon, for example, in March or April, lace one might be a better choice than the ball gown wedding dresses. Now flowers blossom and leaves turn green. In such beautiful scenery, a flowing lace dress gives a princess look. However, if the wedding is held in winter, a ball gown wedding dress gives a more formal look.

Wedding Dresses

2. The wedding venue affects

For a typical church wedding or a big mountain wedding if you plan to get married in Idaho, ball gown style with a classic feeling suits more. However, if the wedding venue is on the beach, rooftop or vineyard, lace wedding dress should be the first style taken into consideration. The lace material normally is much lighter and softer than other fabrics.

Here are some recommended lace wedding dresses:

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

3. Body type is the key factor.

Lace wedding dresses are mostly in a trumpet, sheath or empire silhouette. For petite brides, empire or sheath should be the best option because it makes the wearer look much taller and slimmer. A vertical detailed dress surely elongates the frame. Trumpet gowns are designed for curvy brides to show off the beautiful feminine body.

Do show up with a ball gown dress at the wedding ceremony, all pear-shaped brides. The flared bottom wisely covers the big butts and features the slender waist.Style to Choose for Your Wedding

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  1. Totally true, season, body type and venue are key factors for finding a wedding dress! I love dresses with sleeves, but also edgy ones, like the 3rd picture, short with a train and strapless! Lovely! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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