VLCC daily protect lip balm orange

VLCC daily protect lip balm orange: Review and Photos

It’s tangy. It’s energizing. It’s succulent. It’s a storehouse of Vitamin C-the very same nutrient that is food for your skin. And the better part is that for indolent souls like me, it doesn’t involve being sliced, chopped or anything requiring me to put ‘effort’. Simply skin it and gorge on the tender juicy treat at your service. But is that the end? No way.

The best part is that its goodness is now captured in lip balms as well. So, why not grab one and treat our luscious lips to the goodness of this fruit? In keeping with that line of thought, I zeroed in on VLCC DAILY PROTECT LIP BALM ORANGE one fine day and have used quite a number of times over a period of a week, today let me prepare its report card.

VLCC daily protect lip balm orange

Price: Rs 125/- for 4 g (BUY HERE)

Directions for use: Glide on lips for soft, moisturized lips. Use daily. Apply as often as desired.

VLCC daily protect lip balm orange

Ingredients: (Only key/active ingredients are mentioned on the package) Orange extracts, shea butter, cocoa butter, zinc oxide, dimethicone, octylmethoxycinnamate, castor oil.

What it claims: This moisture rich formula soothes and conditions lips, keeping them soft and supple. SPF 15 protects from harmful effects of the sun. Light, non-greasy formula provides long-lasting moisture, leaving lips the lips supple and hydrated. Continued use makes the lips soft and healthy.

VLCC daily protect lip balm orange

My experience with VLCC daily protect lip balm orange:

VLCC Daily protect lip balm orange comes packed in a cylindrical plastic tube with a cap on top. The cap is fine as far as sturdiness is concerned. For the price one is paying, I do not expect a high-end cap. However, the tub tends to get stuck within a few uses and that to me is highly irritating. You to either explore your inner Wonder Woman to extract it or pray that it somehow magically reverts to its original position! In a nutshell, the packaging is disappointing and there is ample room for improvement.

The lip balm has a non-greasy texture and spreads on your lips like a piece of cake. It has a very subtle, almost unnoticeable orange tint. The aroma is very mild and vanishes within a few minutes of application. Since it has a very subtle tint/color, it is unlikely to cover pigmented lips. That’s not good news for those with pigmented lips clearly.

VLCC daily protect lip balm orange

Even in its key ingredients’ list, I see an ingredient which pesters me and that is none other than- SILICONE (read: dimethicone).

On the whole, given the price, it is a below-average to poor investment. There is room for improvement in every arena and for that matter, I wouldn’t purchase it again till VLCC takes note of its shortcomings which are aplenty.

VLCC daily protect lip balm orange

Pros of VLCC daily protect lip balm orange:
  1. Readily available
  2. Economical price
  3. Non-greasy texture
Cons of VLCC daily protect lip balm orange:
  1. Flimsy packaging. The balm gets stuck in the tub at times.
  2. The complete list of ingredients has not been furnished and even in the list of key/active ingredients, one can see the addition of silicones.
  3. Does not conceal pigmentation.
  4. Has the tendency to melt during summers.
  5. Freezes during winters

Rating: 1/5

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