Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10)

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10): Review, Photos and Swatches

Few days back I did a post showing the swatches of all the shades of Lakme lip crayons that were recently launched. Today I’ll be sharing my experience with the shade called Blushing Pink, shade number 10.

Product quantity: 2.2 gm

Price: Rs 185

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10)

Ingredients: Not mentioned on the product

Product Description:

Lakme is India’s No.1 color cosmetics brand offering a wide range of high-end, world-class color cosmetics and skincare products. Lakme has a vast product range specially crafted by experts for the Indian skin. The brand has also been redefining fashion in India with Lakme Fashion Week, India’s premier fashion event. The Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon is a newly formulated lip color crayon, for a soft texture and smooth matte finish. Get soft and colorful lips every day, in 10 different shades of your choice. The Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons contain a high level of mineral powders, giving your lips a soft matte finish. It also contains a rich mixture of olive oil and jojoba oil which condition your lips. Sketch your lips, and make them your canvas with the new Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons.Now get a sharpener free with every purchase of the Lakme Enrich Lip Crayons!

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10)

My take on the product:

Packaging: Like most of the lip crayons, this too comes in a chubby pencil form with a colored sticker over the body representing the shade of the product. The length of the product is not, too big which makes it actually look like a crayon. There is nothing too great about the packaging but for the price range, I didn’t even expect much. The only thing I wish was that the product was in a retractable form. Tough, yes, the lip crayon does come with a complimentary sharpener but products get wasted while sharpening. The cap is not too sturdy or firm, but the crayon is still safe to carry in a handbag. These crayons come in 10 different shades and all the shades have names as well as numbers allotted to them. The name and number of the crayon are mentioned on the colored sticker covering the crayon.

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10)

Color and Pigmentation: Blushing Pink, as assumed from the name, is not a shade of pink. It is more of a coral colored lip product. The color is beautiful and easy to wear, it can we used as an everyday color. The color seems to be nicely pigmented when swatched on hand, but when on lips, it does require 2-3 coats. When observed carefully, the crayon tip does seem to have some minute shimmer particles, but none of those are transferred onto the lips. The color is neither matte nor shimmery, but it does have sheen.

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10)

Staying Power: This is one of the biggest minus points of the color. The color looks beautiful, but unfortunately, it does not stay on the lips for a longer duration. I personally did not expect it to stay for a full day, but I at least expected it to last a small meal. The color is transferable and thus it starts to fade even if you drink water. The color is good to be used for 2-3 hours, and if the longer duration is desired, then reapplication is a must. Thankfully the color does not become patchy on reapplication.


Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10)

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon in Blushing Pink (10)


  • Affordable
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Beautiful everyday color
  • Free of shimmer particles (at least they are not visible on lips)
  • Does not smell like crayons.
  • Each crayon has its own name and number too
  • The outer cover of the crayon is a colored sticker, which represents the color, which makes the recognition of shade from a bunch of pencils easy.


  • Sharpening wastes a lot of product
  • Does not have a good staying power
  • Average packaging
  • Transferable
  • Pigmentation is not as good on the lips (especially if you have pigmented lips)

Would I buy this product again?

I already have all the shades and I personally am not a fan of the shade, so I won’t buy blushing pink again.

Do I recommend this?

If you are on a budget and want to get something for everyday purpose, which is decent quality, then blushing pink is a good option. But remember, it is not pink!

Rating: 2.5/5

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