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Hey Girls,

This will be a quick post and will be full of photographs that I clicked when I went to the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai. As you all must already be knowing, Burj Khalifa is the tallest man made structure in the world. It is around 830 m tall. It contains around 164 floors and we went to the 124th floor. Above this, general public is not allowed due to shortage of oxygen and above this the structure just has closed areas for hotels and homes. The lift is super fast and it took us just 1 minute to reach the 124th floor.

The building can be visited in daytime or during night and we decided to go during night as we wanted to see the lighted Dubai that was possible only during night. Whenever you want to visit the Building an appointment has to be taken and the officials give you a reporting time. Our visit costed us 150 AED but if no prior appointment is taken it can cost as high as 500 AED (but that includes some snacks).

Entry of the building is from within the Dubai Mall so we reached the mall before time. We witnessed the fountain show that which takes place at 7 pm each day. The show lasts for just about 5 minutes but the public that gathers to see the show is humongous.

Enjoy some of the pictures from my Trip !!!!

The famous Burj Khalifa !!!!!!

2 (356)

The Fountain Show….

2 (365)

2 (368)

2 (371)


Going to the top

2 (391)View of the building from 124th floor 

2 (402)

Dubai from the top !!!

2 (413)

2 (415)

2 (416)

2 (417)2 (420)



18 thoughts on “Visit to Burj Khalifa”

  1. Your pics are so ahhhmazing dear!
    Its so hard to capture the entire Burg Khalifa coz of its height but wow! You’ve managed to get an awesome pic 🙂

    1. seriously tina it was an amazing experience….to see the whole dubai from 124th floor that too in the night time with all the lights is difficult to explain

    1. true…Dubai has so many interesting building that i really got confused which one to click…but Burj Khalifa actually gives the experience to be on the top of the world…..

  2. View from 124th floor must have been spellbounding seeing the lighted scenery and fountains. Yes, Burj Khalifa is definitely an attraction not to be missed if one is visiting Dubia.

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