Types of Swimwear to flaunt this summer

In today’s post, I will be talking about 5 different kinds of Swimwear which you can flaunt as per your body type and personal preference.

It’s almost mid-May and mercury has already crossed 40-degree Celsius in Delhi and in many other cities of India. Summer vacations have also started and many of you have already had their vacations planned. Some of you might be planning for a hill vacation while many others have their suitcases ready for a beach vacation. I personally am a beach lover and love a good beach house over any hill view hotel. But as I am not too comfortable wearing a bikini I always prefer a one-piece swimwear.

Let’s have a look at 5 different kinds of Swimwear which you can easily buy online:

One-Piece Swimsuit/ Monikini

A one-piece swimwear or a monokini is usually a skin-tight swimwear that covers a female’s torso, except maybe the back or upper chest. These are available in a number of variants with different designs, some of which might even have cutouts on the sides of the midriff. Ladies of all ages love to wear these as they are one of the most complimenting styles of swimwear.


The most commonly worn swimwear is a bikini which has a lot of history attached towards it. In traditional terms, it is basically a two-piece swimwear with minimum fabric covering the top and bottom. But as this is one of the most worn kinds of swimwear, the bikini is now available in loads of design options. You can have a bikini with padded tops, a high waisted bottom and even ruffles. They are also available in cute colors and design options.

Swim dress

So, you might ask what is the difference between a One-Piece Swimwear and a swim dress? Swim dress is basically a great option for ladies who are not comfortable showing too much skin. They do look like a One-Piece but have a flared skirt attached to them which makes them look like a dress. They not only look cute but are also good for sunbathing in comfort.


Tankinis are a mix and match kind of a style to a bikini and a monokini. They are also two-piece swimwear just like a bikini but have a midriff covering tank-top just like a monokini. This is good for ladies who do not want to show their midriff. As this one too is a two piece set, you can mix and match the top and bottom and look different each day.

Top-Bottom set

This is another type of swimwear good for ladies who love to swim but are not too comfortable showing too much skin. These kinds of swimsuits usually consist of a regular short sleeves top along with a knee-length bottom. The material is usually the same as other swimwear but it is a good option to show your curves without showing too much skin.

There are many other variants of swimwear available in the market but most of them are somewhat similar to each other. Swimwear these days are available in many different size options ranging from xs to xxxl, which lets ladies of all sizes feel good and enjoy without compromising with their comfort.

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