3INA The Nail Polish 185

3INA The Nail Polish 185, Review

It has been a while since I have tried a new nail polish. A few days back I bought a few 3INA products, two of which were their nail polishes. (Check out my Instagram to have a look at all the products I bought from the brand). Today I will be sharing my experience with ‘3INA The Nail Polish 185’. The polishes in 3INA collection do not have names but only numbers. The brand itself is not pronounced as 3INA but is called ‘Mina’.

3INA The Nail Polish 185

Now, let’s talk about the shade 185 from 3INA nail polish collection.


The polish is available at INR 400 for 11 ml of product. Can be easily bought through Myntra or Nykaa.

List of Ingredients:
3INA The Nail Polish 185
Product Description:

Smooth, glossy color. Expect brilliant shine and a sumptuous plumping effect. The hard-wear formula prevents chipping. For a professional look start with The Smooth Base, then start painting from the base of the cuticle downwards towards the tip. Finish with The Gel-Look Top Coat.

How to Use:

First, apply a base coat to protect the nail and allow to dry. Next apply two coats of nail polish, leaving the nails to dry between each coat. Finally, you can apply Gel- Look Top Coat for a professional looking finish.


The outer box of the nail polish is a regular white colored cardboard box with a colored 1/4th section on the top of the box. The colored section on the outer box represents the actual color of the nail polish in the box. The actual nail polish bottle is a rectangular shaped glass bottle with a black colored screw on cap. The brush as in all the other nail polishes is attached to the cap. The bristles of the brush are decently sized to cover the width of the nail in 2 swipes. There is nothing too special about the packaging of this nail polish but it is decently good and safe to travel with.

My Experience with 3INA The Nail Polish 185 :

The shade 185 is one of the many green colored nail polishes available in the collection. The color is not too bright and is easy to wear. It is a kind of green that would suit many different Indian skin tones. Consistency wise, the formula of the nail polish is neither too thick not too runny.

The polish is nicely pigmented and two coats of the polish are sufficient for a fully opaque color. Though the polish looks decently well in the single coat as well, but a single coat might sometimes look streaky, hence it is suggested by the brand to apply two layers for a rich opaque pigment. Drying time of the polish is also good. It just takes a few seconds to dry, which saves a lot of wait time in between the two coats.

Staying power of the nail polish is good as well. I usually do not apply a base coat or a top coat during regular use of polishes. Without a top coat, the color stays well for a good 3-4 days without chipping or fading. Applying a top coat increases the staying power to a couple of more days.

3INA The Nail Polish 185
Overall Experience:

Overall I do like the formula of 3INA nail polishes and the shade 185 also looks pretty. Though this might not be my favourite formula, but I do like it decent enough to try more shades from the brand. I would soon be buying a couple of more shades from the brand, especially the more brighter, summer appropriate ones.

Pros of 3INA The Nail Polish 185:
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Vegan
  • Available in a number of color option
  • Reasonably priced (It is not the most affordable option of nail polish available in the market, but it is priced at a decent price)
  • Easily available online
  • Easy to apply and has a short drying time
  • Stays well without chipping or fading for 3-4 days
  • Decent sized brush covers the width of the nail in 2 swipes
  • The outer box of the polish has a colored section which represents the actual color of the nail polish
Cons of 3INA The Nail Polish 185:
  • These polishes have no names

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I bought colour 151, bottle is slightly different shape, but Mina, I found it very gloopy, too thick to apply smoothly and easily.

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