Trending Men Jewellery 2021

It’s 2021 and like many other things, men’s fashion is changing too. We have seen a lot of changes in women’s fashion in the past couple of decades which included the type of clothing, makeup, and jewellery too. But men’s fashion is mostly limited to clothing. Yes, there are a few designers that make amazing accessories for men to amp up their looks but not all men prefer to wear accessories apart from a good pair of shoes, a tie, or maybe a good watch. In fact, there are very few men who are interested in wearing jewellery, but as time is changing more and more men are experimenting with new pieces of jewellery.

The most common piece of jewelry that you can see a man wearing is mens chains. Now, these too come in a lot of different varieties. Men’s chains are nowadays not limited to the typical hip hop jewellery, they can be as classy looking as a women’s diamond chain too.

For instance, this particular piece from Helloice is so beautiful and classy-looking that it can add an oomph factor to any outfit. This particular piece is an 18K White Gold Plated Tennis Necklace which is flooded with hand-set stones, to keep it shining from all angles.

Another piece of jewellery that is gaining interest is earrings for men. The earring scene is changing for women too, then why should men be left behind. Men usually get one of their ears pierced, unlike women who get both of their ears pierced. But for those men who like to get experimenting with their looks, there are a lot of cool jewellery options available as far as the earrings are concerned. Although getting both ears pierced for men might not be so famous now, but more and more men are shifting towards getting at least one of their ear pierced.

Another trend that is getting picked up by a lot of teenage boys is for mens pendant necklace. A lot of boys are gravitating towards hip-hop-style funky pendant necklaces. There are all sorts of pendant necklaces available in the market, some of them are made of precious metals & stones while some others are just junk jewellery.

Depending on the occasion & the attire they are wearing, men are selecting jewellery pieces which are both simple as well as classy. So, yes, the jewellery trend for men is certainly changing!

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