Top 3 Baby Wipes with Price in India 2021

Being a mother is a blessing. Taking care of a little human might seem adventurous and fun but it certainly comes with great responsibilities. The most important thing that makes any mother anxious is taking care of the health and hygiene of the baby. My daughter is 18 months old, she might have crossed the age of an infant and does know how to walk. But, I still sometimes get worried when she touches things that she is not supposed to or when we are out in the public.

Thankfully taking care of the hygiene of the baby has become much easier as compared to the earlier times, thanks to all the amazing diaper and baby wipe brands that are available in the market.

Now, some ladies might say that water must always be used to clean babies’ sensitive areas, and I would completely agree with them. But there are times when you are in the middle of somewhere and cleaning the baby with cotton and water is not very practical. In such situations, baby wipes come really handy.

During the 18 months of motherhood, I have tried and tested a lot of different brands of baby wipes, and today I would be sharing my experience with you all.

In Today’s post I would be talking about the top 3 baby wipe brands that are available in the Indian market.

Before getting into the actual list of brands, I would first like to talk about few points that I look for in a baby wipe.

Packaging: By packaging, I certainly do not mean pretty-looking packaging, but for me, convenient packaging is really important. There have been times when I was cleaning the baby and it became really difficult for me to take out the wipe from the packaging. Also, it is really important for the closure of the wipes to be secure so that even after opening, the unused wipes do not lose their moisture.

Fabric: The material used in making the wipes is really important, especially because kids most of the time rely on these wipes, unlike adults who can access water. So having non-irritable soft fabric is really important. Also, considering the environment, I do prefer using wipes that are biodegradable.

Thickness: Again this is a very important factor for me. Using a wipe that is too thin has never worked for me. I prefer the wipes that I use for my daughter to be thick

Apart from them, I do prefer the wipes that are Paraben Free, and ofcourse dermatologically tested.

Now, let’s get into the list of wipes that I have tried and loved!

1. Himalaya Herbal Gentle Baby Wipes

Price: Rs 184 for 72 wipes

Dimension of Wipes: 15X21 cm

Top 3 Baby Wipes

These are some of my most used baby wipes and I have used a ton of packets from them. I like these particular wipes especially because they have worked for my baby. These do not irritate her skin and they do have all the good ingredients. The packet of these baby wipes does come with a lid which helps to keep the moisture of the unused wipes intact.

The one thing that I would like to mention about these wipes is the fact that they are scented. The scent is not very strong, but for those who do not like their baby care products to be scented might have an issue with that.

2. Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes

Price: Rs 299 for 72 wipes (BUY HER)

Dimension of Wipes: 15X20 cm

Top 3 Baby Wipes

These wipes are my recent favorites mainly because they are the thickest wipes I have tried so far. The brand claims them to be 3 times thicker than the other and you can actually feel that as soon as you touch the wipe. Now, why the thickness is so important? Baby wipes use are not only limited to cleaning the sensitive areas of the baby but sometimes they come really handy when the baby makes a mess. In those situations, wet wipes come handy in cleaning their hands and sometimes even mouth. Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes are safe for babies since birth itself and they have been dermatologically tested for that.

Another thing that I like about these wipes is that they are completely unscented. These wipes are actually made of 99% water and hence are obviously the best alternative to water (when water is not available).

Another plus about these wipes is the fact that these Mother Sparsh Pure Water wipes are plant-based baby wipes and thus are 100% biodegradable. Hence, these not only make sure that the baby’s sensitive skin remains safe, but these are environmentally friendly too!

Top 3 Baby Wipes

These are some of the best baby wipes for sensitive skin mainly because they are water-based and are made of Medical Grade Fabric. The packaging of these wipes too has an external moisture lock lid.

3. Pampers Baby Gentle wet wipes with Aloe

Price: Rs 199 for 72 wipes

Dimension of Wipes: The dimensions of the wipes are not mentioned on the packaging but they do feel quite similar in size as compared to the ones that I mentioned above.

These Pampers baby wipes might have a similar size but these are not as thick as the Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes.

These wipes are certified baby wipes which are safe for babies sensitive skin. These wipes are infused with Aloe Vera which gives them a slight fragrance. 

Special Mention: Babyhug Premium Baby Wipes

Price: Rs 145 for 80 wipes

Dimension: 15X20 cm

BabyHug Wipes are one of my most used wipes. These are the wipes that I mostly do not use for cleaning the sensitive areas of my baby, but I use them for almost everything else because of their affordability. These wipes are slightly affordable as compared to the others and so I do like to carry them with me almost all the time. My daughter is learning to hold a spoon and eat by herself but as she is too small to actually hold a spoon she always creates a mess. In such a situation, I like to use these Babyhug baby wipes to clean her face as well as her hands. Also, whenever I go outside with her, I always wipe the tables using wet wipes and in most situations, these baby hug wipes are the ones that I carry.

Everything about these wipes seems decent but the packaging of these wipes does not have a moisture-secure lid which makes them dry after a few days of opening.

So, these were my top 3, most used and loved Baby Wipes. Which one of these have you tried?

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