Top 10 Nail Polish brands of 2014

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I am a nail polish Junkie and so I love to buy nail polishes. Last night I was searching for the best Nail Polish Brands which led me to a site called 
The site had a list of 10 nail polish brands that were listed as top ten brands for the year 2014. Here is the list of brands mentioned:

10. OPI:

OPI is a famous Australian nail polish brand. This company has specialized in salon professional nail paints which are being introduced in numerous shades. Its nail polishes are said to be harmless, thus you can use them as many times as you want.


9. NARS:

NARS is one of the most leading fashion makeup brands in the world. Its lipsticks and nail polishes come at top notch quality. The opaque nail liquids and coatings also will make you feel excited. This nail polish brand ensures you to enjoy incredible shine of the nails.


8. Yves Saint Laurent La Laque:

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque is a great nail polish brand which offers you a wide range of nail colors to choose from. It never matters whether you like bright nail polish colors or light ones, this one of the best nail polish brands will definitely let you have the same, as per your desires.


7. Essie:

Essie is a globally recognized nail polish brand. It lets you enjoy a wide range of nail lacquers and shades. The girls who love appealing and gaily nail paints should not miss their chance to enjoy any of Essie’s collection so that you can have a good and awesome look of the hands.


6. Super Glow:

The Super Glow is a famous European nail polish company. its sizzling nail paints come in very decent colors. You will have magical exposure of your nails and will definitely enjoy yourself to visualize the magical appearance of your nails to your friends and companions.

super glow1

super glow 2

5. Revlon:

Revlon’s name needs no introduction. This is a famous and well known nail polish company. It is not only famous for its nail paints but for perfumes, skincare products and other cosmetics. Revlon promises great quality of its products at affordable and competitive prices.


4. L’oreal Paris:

L’oreal Paris is a world famous nail polish brand. Its quality nail paints come in different stunning shades and styles. You can enhance your beauty with its wide range of nail colors. So feel free to have as many nail paints of L’oreal Paris as you want to enhance your personality in a better way.


3. RGB Nail Paint:

RGB Nail Paints offer you toxic free nail polishes which don’t damage the natural shine and texture of your nails. Its high quality nail paints are made of Toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resins. This is why, they are absolutely harm-free and you don’t have to worry about your nails at all.


2. China Glaze:

The nail polish of China Glaze is superb in its quality. Its nail enamels are known best for their top notch combination of formulas so that you have the best of its results. The long-lasting and chip-resistant colors of this nail polish will definitely make you feel proud of your hands when you go out at a party or are getting ready for the festival.

china glaze

1. Red Carpet Manicure:

The Red Carpet Manicure brings a lot of natural nail paints. Its nail lacquers are known best for their quality and manicure like treatments. It never harms the natural glow of your nails and is easy and quick to apply. I am sure it will definitely enhance your beauty and hands’ appearance.

red carpet manicure

I do call myself a nail polish junkie but after reading this list I realised that I do have quantity but I might be missing quality. Out of the mentioned 10 brands I have just tried 3 brands: Revlon, L’oreal and China Glaze. Though I wanted to try Essie and OPI since a long time, but as they were pricey I never bought them. YSL and NARS are so pricey that I never even thought of buying and the rest of the brands I haven’t even heard of.
This makes me think that are such pricey nail colors worth the money? Do they perform better than their cheaper alternatives? What do you girls think? If any of you have tried any of these brands please do let me know how did you like it. This list really makes me eager to buy some of these polishes but I am unsure whether they will be value for my money or not.
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    1. I have been liovng dark red ( Pretty witnrey i know), golds, and mint green! I gave myself a mint green manicure with gold tips came out pretty amazing!xo

      1. cute but i love layering corlos i figured out how when i was younger i would paint my nails 1 color 1 day then another the next it looked bad but now that i’m a tween/ teen i figured out how to do it your take a neon color then take a light sparkly color it will be neon with sparkles if you want use nail art and add a design

    1. thanks komal…..I haven’t tried either of these….If you loved Essie ones better, then I will try those first 🙂

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