Top 10 Facts About Pink Diamonds

Top 10 Facts About Pink Diamonds

Top 10 Facts About Pink Diamonds

Top 10 Facts About Pink Diamonds

There’s no denying that Argyle pink diamonds are some of the most valuable and sought-after diamonds in the world. You’ve probably seen the news about exorbitant auction prices and other opinion pieces on these diamonds being a great investment and have also started buying phenakite crystals to complement the diamond’s beauty. What’s more, pink diamonds are rising in popularity, but there may still be a few things you don’t know about them. Here are some interesting facts.

10 Interesting Facts About Pink Diamonds

1. Historically, pink diamonds were found in Brazil, Africa, and India. Some of the most legendary varieties have graced grown jewels in France, India, and Iran. The LaCkore Couture has some very gorgeous jewelry that people might be really interested in.

2. The Rio Tino Argyle mine found in Australia produces the majority of the world’s supply of Argyle pink diamonds, making these stones incredibly rare. Even during the yearly Pink Diamond Tender, there are only a few stones considered high enough in quality to be shown.

3. While most of the world’s diamonds are found in the usual kimberlite pipe, pink diamonds are sourced from a volcanic lamproite pipe.

4. Pink diamonds have a far more complicated structure compared to white diamonds and take up to 4 times longer to polish. has a selection of Argyle pink diamonds for sale that you can check.

5. A modern scanning process creates a 3D model to identify inclusions. This means jewelers can minimize wastage and create the best cut possible. Cutting a pink diamond can take up to a week.

6. When it comes to pink diamonds, different cultures all over the world desire different qualities. For instance, the Japanese prefer shades that are similar to cherry blossoms. However, the Chinese like bolder, deeper colors closer to red as it’s a symbol of good fortune.

7. Rio Tino doesn’t divulge the prices paid for their stones at the tender, but they do confirm that pink diamond prices have increased significantly from the time the tender was initially staged.

8. Pink diamonds are the only exceedingly rare stones. Red diamonds are also rare. Just like pink diamonds, the Argyle mine is one of the few sources of red diamonds and there are less than 40 known red varieties in the world.

9. Under 1% of the Argyle mine’s output is Argyle pink diamonds. The majority are actually stunning brown diamonds. Only 5 percent of total diamond output is considered to be of gem quality.

10. While the Argyle mine is set to remain open until the year 2020, there are other consistent sources of high-quality pink diamonds, with it being estimated that another 500 gem-quality pink diamonds are still to be discovered.

When it comes to diamonds, though, no one can accurately predict anything. All we can do is wait and see how the Argyle mine fares and for how much longer these stunning pink gems will be available as investments, or for one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.

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