wedding ring guide

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Wedding Ring Styles

There are so many types of wedding rings. How do you find the one that matches your style and your lifestyle?

wedding ring guide

Just like the engagement ring, couples need to consider both their personal taste and their lifestyle as they choose both women’s and men’s rings. Are you planning to buy the engagement ring and both wedding rings as set so they all complement each other, or will you be wearing them on opposite hands so it doesn’t matter if they all match? It may seem overwhelming but this guide will assist you in finding the perfect ring.

You’ll both be wearing your bands hopefully forever so it’s important that you select one that you love for its fit and design, as well as how well the ring meshes with your lifestyle. Looking at hundreds of different kinds of rings may seem daunting, we’ll discuss some of the popular wedding band styles and who should wear them:

Eternity or Anniversary Bands – These bands are specific because identically-sized diamonds surround the band for an eternity band. In an Anniversary band, they only follow half of the metal band. Both rings look timeless and elegant and are ideal for those brides wishing to wear a ring on each hand.

Vintage style rings – Do you admire antique rings and lust love floral details or intricate filigree details on the band? Then consider looking for a matching set of vintage or antique engagement and wedding rings. You have your choice of Art Deco styles, as well as pave bands to match similar pave bands with halo diamond setting. Many brides like these because they are set inside the metal and look sparkling and elegant on their hand.

Metal Band-This is just a classic plain metal band without diamonds or other stones, although most generally are two-tone or three-tone rings nowadays. If you choose a classic metal bind, consider buying platinum one as it’s both the most durable and the shiniest. Some couples still like these because they will complement any kind of engagement ring without worry about either “sparkler,” clashing.

Two-tone wedding rings – If you want something different consider purchasing a men’s two-tone ring in yellow gold and white gold. Gold is still the most popular metal for men’s rings as it is fairly durable. Traditionally 22-carat yellow gold is too soft to wear, especially if you plan on wearing your ring every day so choose 14 carats or 18 carats or consider combining metals. Choose one that features a comfortable fit, high-quality diamonds, and intricate details. Ringleaders – Queensland’s most awarded jeweler is one of the jewelers that features an extensive collection of both men and women’s wedding rings.

Final Tips for Buying the Ideal Wedding Ring

Start early and consider looking at styles together for the engagement ring and both wedding bands. Certain ring styles like a traditional solitaire engagement ring look stunning with any type of wedding band, while if you bought a custom one, you may want custom wedding bands too.

Remember your lifestyle. This is especially important if you work in some place like a machine shop or are active in many different sports. You’ll want to choose a durable metal.

Try on many different rings and play around with them. This is the time to see which styles feel the most comfortable as well as where your tastes lie.


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