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Choosing the Right Diamond Earring Style for Your Face Shape

Everyone’s face shape is different. By knowing yours, you can select the earrings that complement your shape instead of work against it. 

diamond earrings

A beautiful pair of diamond earrings can be the perfect finishing touch to your overall look. We often under-estimate the role our accessories play in our appearance but they can make a big difference. If you use the right colours, shapes, designs and more, you can really complement your body in so many ways. Don’t forget to read articles that provide further details about the shapes of diamonds as it will help too.

Knowing your face shape is something that sounds fairly insignificant but when you make an important purchase such as diamond earrings, it’s worth getting it right. Understanding the angles of your jaw line, for example, can work against or for the shape of earrings you end up choosing. So, gaining a deeper understanding to your own face and what works with it will greatly enhance the buying process.

It helps to have in mind a place to go for stunning and authentic diamond earrings in the first place. The Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane, for example, is a reputable retailer in Australia that sells a beautiful collection of diamond jewellery.

Want to know how to accentuate your natural beauty with some stunning diamond earrings? Well, this article is made for you! You’ll learn how to determine your face shape and choose a design that complements your best features.

First, let’s get your face shape pinned down:

Are you oval?

Oval shape is when your forehead is the same width as your cheeks. Your face will get narrower as you reach your chin creating the oval shape.

Are you round?

If you have a round face shape, you will be more circular and have wider cheekbones.

Maybe you’re heart shaped?

Heart shaped means your forehead is wider than your cheekbones then your cheeks narrow as they reach the chin.

You could be square?

Square faces are when your forehead, jaws and cheekbones all have equal width .This creates a square shape and women with this shape will have stronger jaw lines.

Are you diamond?

Diamond-shaped means your chin and forehead are smaller in width than your cheekbones. Those who have diamond-shaped faces usually have strong cheekbones too.

Do you have a narrow face?

A narrower face is more rectangular; basically the squared face but longer.

Which earring design suits which face shape?

Now it’s time to locate some of those classy diamond earrings in Brisbane so you can test out the theory. Diamond Jewellery Studio has a range of styles to suit a variety of face shapes so you’ll no doubt meet your match.

Oval face shape: Dazzle your spectators by wearing oval shaped diamond earrings as they will draw the eye to the elegance of your shape. You can also try teardrop designs as they work well with oval faces.

Round faces: For rounder faces, you will find that diamond earrings with defined angles will suit you. Stay away from round diamond earrings as this will widen your face but stick to thin designs with sharp angles.

Heart shapes: You will want to go for earrings with longer lines and more curves. This is because it balances and complements the shape of your face and helps draw focus to your beautiful eyes. Dangles and chandelier diamond earrings will also suit the heart shape face.

Square face: The most suitable diamond earrings for a square face shape will be circular or hooped to soften the angles in your face. Dangling earrings will also look lovely.

Narrow face: You want to opt for the dangly diamond earrings that are longer in length to make your face appear shorter and softer. Curves are also good to help bring out your cheekbones.

Diamond shape: The best diamond earrings to suit you would be longer ones with hoops or curves to soften the sharpness of your jaw lines.

As you can see, knowing your face shape can make a big difference to what a pair of earrings can do to your face. Using this guide to help you when buying your next pair of diamond earrings will go a long way to buying a winning pair.


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  1. Swati I really don’t know what is the shape of my face….really,after reading your post I still can’t decide what my face shape is…I will take someone’s help to know my face shape and then i will decide my pair of diamond earings . Lovely post dear.

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