Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel: Atomic Pink Review, NOTD

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Today I will be reviewing a nail art nail polish which I discovered few weeks back. While shopping on, I came across Nail Art Neon Nail Enamels from Revlon, I knew that they are not new and they have been in the market since a long time, but as I never tried them, I wanted to try a color and so I bought the shade Atomic Pink. These polishes used to come in lots of shades but only two of them were available online. I used this and honestly I loved it and so I went to the Revlon counters to buy more colors, when I asked the SA for more shades she told me that these have been discontinued 🙁

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

Product quantity: 7.68 ml

Price:  Rs 300

Ingredients: Not mentioned

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

Product Description: (Buy Here)

Electrify your fingertips. Revlon Nail Art Neon contains a white base coat to brighten your neon with a pop of shocking color.

How to use product

  • Apply 1-2 coats of white enamel. Allow to dry completely.
  • Overlay 2 coats of neon enamel.

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

My take on the product:

As this is a nail art polish, this has to be different from usual polishes. This polish comes in a dual color pack, one of which is a plain white and the other side is the actual color. Both the sides have the same sized applicator, so how is this different from other polishes? The company says that the right way to use these polishes is to first apply 2 coats of white and they layer it with the neon color. So, does this method make any difference in the shade? The answer to this question is yes! Applying a coat of white polish does really help the color on the other side stand out.

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

The color Atomic pink, as the name suggests is a shade of pink. The color does not appear to be neon in the bottle, but when applied over the white polish, it is really bright neon pink. The color is completely free of shimmers and I personally loved the way it looked on my nails.

Like majority of the other polishes, this too have a strong smell which disappears as the color dries. When the polish is applied, at least 2 coats of white color and 2 coats of pink are applied; applying so many coats highly increases the staying power of the nail color. The color easily stays for about 5 days without chipping or even fading and even after 5 days, it might be a little hard to remove the color due to so many coats. Usually when more coats are applied or when the polish is thick, it takes a lot of time in drying, but thankfully this excels in this department too. The color does not dry in 30 seconds, but it does not take more than 2 minutes to dry completely.

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

Overall, I am highly impressed with this polish, but unfortunately they are no longer available in the market. If they would have been available, I would have bought lots of more colors in this range J


revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink

revlon nail art enamel atomic pink



  • Affordable
  • Comes with two different colors
  • The white color actually makes the neon color to pop
  • Stays for a long time without chipping or fading
  • Does not take too much time in drying


  • No longer available
  • As more number of coats is required, application process might take time.

Would I buy this product again?

Yes I would love to, but unfortunately I won’t be able to, as it’s no longer available.

Rating: 4.5/5

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47 thoughts on “Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel: Atomic Pink Review, NOTD”

  1. I loved this color (the final color, because I can see they are two in one packaging) and your nails look perfect as usual! Unforrtunately, I have two of this line, with two nail polishes in one packaging and none of them worked with me, but this color maybe would! I loved it!

    1. Oh…thanks for telling me that the other colors didn’t work for you…After trying this color I wanted to buy more, but now I won’t go for more colors…..:-)

  2. Heya, I’m new to your blog but I saw your comment on my friends blog and decided to pop over and take a look. I love your blog style and it’s always good to get an insight into beauty products like these! Just a shame that they no longer sell them, but will keep an eye out for other great products xx

    Mehreen A |

  3. Love the vibrancy of the colour, I don’t normally wear pinks but I like this. Will have to look for something similar!
    Have a great day 🙂
    Rosanna x

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