Resolutions 2015

Hello girls,

Today I will share with you all my resolutions for the current year. Every year I think of making resolutions , but by the time I think of something it becomes too late. So this year I thought about my resolutions in advance. Here are my new year resolutions:

1. To get well by my birthday
Ending of 2014 came as a disaster to me. Suddenly a medical emergency came which made it mandatory for me to have a surgery. I went through a cervical spine surgery to fix my spinal cord which was falling apart due to a missing bone. The surgery went well but the fluid in my brain got leaked which is causing severe headaches. I am still struggling with that and so I hope to recover completely till my birthday, which is in April.


2. To buy at least 5 items from my wish list
Yes! I do have a shopping wishlist. The list includes numerous brands and items that I would like to buy in my entire lifetime. The list have all kinds of brands, some pricy and some not so pricy. This year I would like to buy at least 5 products/brands (and yes the list includes makeup brands too 🙂

3. To save a decent amount of money
I am a shopaholic, but I like to save too. I believe in both spending and saving. I usually save half of my money and spend the other half in everything I like. So like every year, this year too I Will save a decent amount of money and get it fixed deposit 🙂


4. To start up something of my own
I do love the work I do, but being our own boss is a different feeling. I always wanted to start something of my own, but honestly I lack a business idea. So for now I am here with a blog where I am my own boss and can share anything I desire. So technically this resolution is complete.


5. Travel
I love to travel, and this year I would like to go on many vacations to fulfill my love for traveling. This year I would love to travel 2-3 times to different places. Getting leave from work would be an issue, but will still try hard to fulfill my wish.



These are my resolutions for this year………what are your resolutions ??????


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