MAC lipstick: Candy Yum-Yum

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As this is my first post, I wanted to make it special and so here I am writing about one of my favourite lipsticks from MAC. The shade I am talking about is ‘MAC Candy Yum Yum’, a bright neon pink. This is the first MAC lipstick that I brought myself, I had 1 before this but that was gifted to me by my aunt. I saw this shade online several months ago and since then I wanted it, but wasn’t sure about getting this. I watched several MAC favourite videos and everyone loved this and so I finally decided to get one for myself.


Price and Product Quantity:  I bought it for Rs 990, but unfortunately MAC has raised their prices and now it’s available for around Rs 1500. The total quantity available is 3 g.


Packaging: Like all MAC lipsticks this one too is in a black dome shaped tube, but it is not an exact black colour as I thought it would be, it is a grey under toned black with minute silver sparkles


Colour: MAC describes candy yum-yum as a bright pink with a matte finish and it indeed is the brightest pink I have ever seen. In my opinion I would call it more of a neon pink. It is an extreme bright shade that gives an instant se*y pout. This shade is not an easy one to carry and this was the reason it took me so long to buy it. But now when I have it, I am in love with it. Yes it needs a lot of guts to pull off this shade but trust me girls it looks stunning with simple makeup and black dress.



Texture: This is the one from the matte collection. I am not very fond of matte formulation and I wanted to buy the cream sheen ones, but as I went for this shade I just bought it. I personally feel that matte lipsticks make my lips dry but this is not like every other matte lipstick. It looks matte on the lips, but it does not dry the lips. It’s not moisturizing, but at least it does not make my lips dry. And of course it is a non sticky non transferable formula.


Pigmentation: I haven’t tried many MAC lipsticks so I am unaware about their pigmentation in general but Candy Yum-Yum is extremely pigmented. Just one swipe on the lips makes them pop, and the colour is so bright that you would definitely not require a second coat.


Staying Power: as expected from matte colours, this one too stays for a long time, but to my surprise, it stayed for a much longer time than expected. It easily stays for around 6 hours without fading even a bit, but after that especially if you have a meal, the colour fades from the centre section of the lips, but it still leaves a beautiful pink colour on the lips. The tint does not go completely even with a makeup remover. I applied the colour at around 7 in the evening and removed it at 12 in the night, and next morning I had a pink tint on my lips

What I like about MAC Candy Yum Yum:
  • Beautiful brightest pink
  • Matte, but still do not dry lips
  • Amazing pigmentation and staying power
  • Elegant & sturdy packaging
  • Leaves a beautiful colour even after being removed by a makeup remover
  • Sweet vanilla smell, I loved it
What I didn’t like about MAC Candy Yum Yum:
  • The colour is too bright and difficult to carry and it may not suit all the skin tone


photovisi-download (9)

Final Verdict: 

I have started loving MAC lipsticks and so without any doubt I would buy them again, but if I talk about this particular shade, then it would be a big yes…I loved it so much that if I’ll be able to finish it, I’ll surely repurchase it

If you are a pink lover like me and you think that you can pull off a bright pink, then this is the shade for you, so go and grab it.

Rating: 5/5

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    1. oh……when i saw the color first time, i had the same reactions…….i wanted to get it right away…but it took me some time to buy this one…. 🙂

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