PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows, Full collection Swatches and photos and Site review

Since the past few months, I have been seeing loads of reviews about PAC cosmetics everywhere on youtube and various blogs. PAC cosmetics is an Indian company that was started in the year 2002. They have a variety of products to choose from and the best part is, that the products lye in the affordable range. I am a colored eye shadow person so I wanted to try some of their eyeshadows but they have so many of them that I wasn’t sure about which ones to try. After scrolling through their site I decided to get their sparkle eyeshadows (refill pans). I also bought an empty palette to store my shadows.
PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the swatches of all the shades in the collection and my initial thoughts about the product and PAC cosmetics official website.

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows

Price: Rs 350 for 2.5 gm product (BUY HERE)

Product Description:

Mix and match these ones of the 18 brilliant metallic shades to achieve stunning eyes in seconds. Pop your favorite shades into one of our magnetized custom shadow pro magnetic pallets for a totally personalized eye shadow experience. Easy to blend pure pigmented colorful payoff available in a variety of shades.

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows


PAC cosmetics products can be bought from Amazon, Flipkart or their official website. I selected to get these shadows from their own website as that was the only place that had the full collection in stock.

PAC Cosmetics Official Website:

I wanted to try out the official website and so I placed my order containing 19 products from them. The order was placed on April 29 and I received the products on May 1, which is amazingly fast. Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the products in one package and so I contacted their customer care. They immediately arranged my package which I received in another 2 days. Yes, I am highly impressed with the fast delivery. But the products do not come very securely packed. The box I received was a kind of damaged cardboard box with each individual shadow packed separately.

Majority of the products were delivered safely except one shadow that was shattered. But I got an immediate replacement of the shadow too. I would like to try some more products from the brand and this time too, I would prefer to order from their official website as I find it more reliable.

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows

Let’s have a look at all the shades from the sparkle collection:

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 1   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 2

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 3   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 4

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 5   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 6

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 7   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 8

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 9   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 10

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 11   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 12

PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 13   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 14 PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 15   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 16   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 17   PAC Cosmetics sparkle eyeshadows 18

Initial Thoughts: 

These eyeshadows are highly pigmented. They come packed in a plastic pack which can also be used to store them if you are not willing to spend on a separate palette (which is similar to Inglot’s pan shadow packaging). Considering the price range of the shadows they are good but I am not very satisfied with the color selection in this range.

Yes, they do tons of different colors, but many of them are very similar to each other. I especially found shade no. 8 and 18 so similar that I had to call the customer care just to confirm whether I have received the correct product or not. But as I was expecting, all they said was the colors are very similar to each other, so similar that you can’t tell the difference. Really!!! Then why would you make two of them?

Also, the name of the shadows are mentioned as ‘Eye Shadow (Sparkle) (2.5gm) – 04’, they have no names. Moreover, not all shadows are sparkly. Some of them have a pearly finish while some others are completely matte.

I haven’t used them enough to write in depth about each of them, but I am still not sure whether I like them or not.

Disclaimer: The products were not sent to me by the brand. I bought them with 
my own money!

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