PAC Application Brush 033

PAC Application Brush 033: Review

A good makeup brush has the power to make even the crappiest makeup to look beautiful. It is true for both eyes as well as face brushes. While a good face brush is important for a flawless foundation, a good blending brush makes the eyeshadows blend together effortlessly. Today, I’ll be reviewing PAC Application Brush 033, an eye makeup brush which I have been using since a couple of months and it has become an important part of my everyday makeup.

PAC Application Brush 033

Price: The brush retails for 585 INR and can be bought from many online retailers as well as from any PAC Cosmetic stores from all around the country. If bought from the brand’s website or Nykaa, you won’t have to pay any extra delivery charges, but on Amazon, an extra delivery charge needs to be paid. (BUY HERE)

Use of PAC Application Brush 033:

PAC cosmetics describes it’s brush 033 as an expertly well-shaped eyeshadow brush that can be used for applying and blending eye makeup. It can also be used for applying highlighter on the cheekbones as well as on the browbone. To be honest, the brush can have multiple uses, but I personally like to use it for blending my crease color.

My Experience with PAC Application Brush 033:

I love doing my eyemakeup, which makes me use multiple brushes everyday. I do have some blending brushes but my all time favourite is MAC 217. Now, as MAC 217 is pricey, I don’t use it on a daily basis (I am quite miser when it comes to using my pricey products), so I always wanted something that works similar to that brush but has a more affordable price range. PAC 033 brush, though retailed as an Application brush and not a blending brush, is pretty similar to MAC 217 in the way it works.

PAC Application Brush 033

PAC 033 retails for almost 1/4th of the price of MAC 217. Both the brushes look and feel the exact same. I won’t say that PAC 033 can be a replacement to MAC 217, but it is certainly a good alternative (a more affordable one). PAC 033 has soft white bristles, which makes the eyeshadows blend effortlessly. The brush has a perfect size, which makes it easy to fit in the eye socket. I have also used it for applying my overall lid color and it works well for that too.

As the brush has white bristles, my only concern was staining of the bristles, but luckily the bristles do not get stained and after washing they are as white as they were initially. The only problem I face with this brush is that the bristles are not as tamed after washing. When the brush was new, the bristles looked flawless and soft. After washing the brush for almost 15-20 times, now I can see the difference. Though the bristles are still soft and blend the shadows equally well, they seem a little frizzy. This is not the case with MAC 217.

PAC Application Brush 033

Nevertheless, the brush still performs its task well and despite of using and washing the brush regularly, I am expecting it to be good for at least 6 more months.

Final Verdict:

I love this brush, It is affordable and does its job pretty well. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to juggle with multiple brushes, this one brush can help you in completing your full eye look. Plus it is easy to clean too. I would certainly recommend this brush as well as would buy multiple of this one in future.

PAC Application Brush 033
Pros of PAC Application Brush 033:
  • Good Quality
  • Blends the eyeshadow effortlessly
  • Comparatively Affordable
  • A good dupe for MAC 217
  • Cleans easily, the bristles do not get stained
  • A versatile brush
  • Easily available (both online and in stores)
Cons of PAC Application Brush 033:
  • The bristles do not look as good as new after washing for a couple of times.
PAC Application Brush 033

Rating: 4.2/5

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