Some Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes you can buy from Amazon

Any makeup look is incomplete without nicely done eyes and a nicely blended eyeshadow is a must to elevate any makeup look. But the art of blending cannot be achieved in one day, it needs practice. Today I’ll be sharing with you some of the Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes that I came across while surfing All these eyeshadow palettes are affordable and have a number of eye colors to choose from. If you are still in the practicing phase and are not too sure about which eyeshadow color would look good on you and want to practice to mix and match different color combinations for your eyes then these palettes are a good option for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the affordable options:

1.Europe Girl Eyes Cream Eyeshadow (BUY HERE)

This is not an Amazon only brand, instead this is actually a kind of famous brand on Instagram. The shadows have some really good reviews and you can buy these 9 pan palettes for just Rs 500.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes
2. Start Makers Eyeshadow Palette Cosmetic Powder Makeup – Set of 25 Colour (BUY HERE)

This palette is for the neutral color lovers. The palette contains 25 shades and is perfect for a small price tag of 488 bucks (the original price of the palette is Rs1038, but it can be bought on discount). If you are someone who likes to read what other buyers think about a particular product, then you’ll want to buy this one due to many good reviews on Amazon.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes
3. OBUSE 16 Colors Artist Eyeshadow Palette (BUY HERE)

This eyeshaodw palette with 16 shades comes with a price tag of 285 bucks (after discount). The palette have mixed reviews on the website, but as the palette contains bothe neutral as well as some bright purples, this is a good palette for a complete look.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes
4. Glam 21 51 Colour Eyeshadow Palette (BUY HERE)

This is one of the most affordable palette I can talk about. The palette contains 51 shades and can be bought for just Rs 270. Though you would have to pay extra 60 Rs as delivery charges, but still the palette with 51 shades is not so bad at a total price tag of 330 Rs.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes
5. Start Makers Professional Waterproof Eyeshadow Powder Palette -Set of 120 Colours (BUY HERE)

This is the ultimate eyeshaodw palette with all the colors you can think of. The palette contains 120 colors and looks very simlar to some of the BH cosmetics palettes. This palette with 120 colors can be bought for only 889 bucks (discounted price). The palette contains bith shimmers as well as satin finishes and is perfect for creating multiple eye looks.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes
6.  OBUSE 10 Colors Eyeshadow Palette (BUY HERE)

This is another palette for neutral eye look lovers. The palette contains 10 shades with 2 matte browns and 8 pearly colors. The palette retails for INR 599 but can be bought from Amazon for just Rs 299.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes
7. Mars 27 Color Eyeshadow (BUY HERE)

For ladies/girls who want to try colors, this Mars 27 color eyeshadow palette is a good option for just Rs 223.

Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes

Apart from the above mentioned 7 palettes, there are many more options on Amazon to choose from. Some of the palettes are actually the fake versions of Big Brands like Huda Beauty. I would not recommend trying those fake ones, but instead go for these lesser known affordable brands. None of these palettes have the best quality, but they are affordable options for trying different colors.

Have you tried any of these palettes? Which one is your favourite?

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