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Hey Girls!

The winters are going and finally the summers are coming back. Today I will be sharing with you a moisturizing cream that has been my must have this winter season. The product I have today is the moisturizing cream from Olay.

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Product quantity: It comes in two quantities. 50g and 100 g

Price:  Rs 220 for 50g

Rs 420 for 100g

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The product comes in a white jar with a black cap. I like the black and white packaging which makes it look neat.


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What company claims?

This cream goes beyond skin replenishment, to provide moisture nourishment, for up to 12 hours. It significantly improves skin smoothness and helps reduce lines and wrinkles to leave even dry skin youthful looking.

Its formula:

  • Contains a special moisture binding system that locks in moisture where it’s needed most.
  • Contains fluids so similar to the nature fluids in young skin that skin readily claims them as its own.

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My take on the product:

This is the first cream that I was able to finish so fast. It was not because a large quantity is required but because I love it so much. I use this product every day. Only a small quantity is sufficient for the entire face and it keeps the face moisturized for the entire day. There is no need to apply anything else until you wash your faceJ.The first time I used it, I liked it but as I started using it more often I started falling in love with the product. After applying the cream the skin feels extremely soft. It also has a little fragrance to it which I love. The smell makes me feel fresh.

The only little thing which I think can be improved is the jar packaging, I like the black and white concept but as only a small quantity of the product is required the jar lasts for months which can make it a little unhygienic. I also face problems in taking out the product due to my long nails. It gets into my nails and cleaning my nails causes me problem. Other than this little problem, I love the moisturizer. It has become a must have for me. It’s always in my purse and I use it religiously.

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  • The product has a nice fragrance to it
  • Affordable
  • Makes the skin feel very soft
  • Moisturizes the whole day
  • Thick product due to which only a small quantity is required
  • Cute packaging (white and black combination)
  • Do not cause breakouts


  • The jar packaging
  • May feel a little sticky
  • May not be good for oily skin
  • No change in lines or wrinkles (as claimed by the company)

Would I buy this product again?

I don’t think that I will need another bottle this year but next year I would definitely buy it again.

Do I recommend this?

Yes I do recommend it as it is a fabulous product in a decent price that may suit every one’s budget.

Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

14 thoughts on “OLAY moisturizing cream”

  1. I totally agree, i feel paranoid when a cream gets stuck inside my nails 😛 Moreover it isnt the best option to carry while travelling.. But still reading the review i feel the cream works great 😀 You are tempting me to get it

    1. seriously it feels really annoying ….i hate when products get into my nails…and these kind of packaging can be unhygienic too…..But i still loved the product 🙂

  2. I don’t know why but olay products cause me breakouts! I had a night cream and I gifted the same to my aunt.. She swears by it!!

    Btw, thanks for the honest review! <3

    1. it happens sometimes lancy…sometimes even the products that have worked for me well in the past break me out….but sometimes they work really well 🙂

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