NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: Pink Cheek Glow

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Today I will be reviewing another blush from my stack of blushes and this time it will be from the brand New York Color (also known as NYC). The brand is one of the commonly available drug store brands in the United States but unfortunately is not so easily available in India yet. The specialty of this brand is its pricing. It has some great products in an affordable price range.  The product that I will be reviewing today is basically called a face powder but as it is available in different color options it can be used as a face powder, a blush or a bronzer depending on which shade you select. I have 2 f these and the one that I will be reviewing today is called Pink Cheek Glow, which is a powder that I use in place of a blush.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder Pink Cheek Glow

Product quantity: 9 g

Price:  $4.99

Key Ingredients:

  • Minerals
  • Micronized pigments and silica
  • Kaolin

NYC Mosaic Face Powder Pink Cheek Glow


  • Soft and natural finish
  • Brightens up skin tone
  • Balance and enhance all skin undertones
  • Controls shine
  • Ultra sheer effect
  • Oil-free formula
  • Dermatologist tested

NYC Mosaic Face Powder Pink Cheek Glow 

Product Description:

Add a dash of color to your day!

Just came back from a weekend in the Hamptons? Enhance your skin tone for an oh-so fresh and healthy, breeze look. Looking as good as rich New York girls in cool TV shows has never been so simple. The four harmonized hues will create a perfect single shade that balances all skin undertones, so why wait to look blooming?

NYC Mosaic Face Powder Pink Cheek GlowMy take on the product:


The powder comes in the simplest packaging; it has a base in which the circular pan fits. The base is just deep enough to fit the pan, there is no extra height of the packaging. It has a simple transparent lid which makes the colors visible. There is nothing fancy about the packaging but the packaging is sturdy enough to make the blush safe which travelling. Though the packaging can save the product while travelling, it cannot save the product from falling, once the product falls (even from a small height), it might shatter into an actual powder.

Color and Pigmentation: Being a mosaic powder, the product has 4 different shades arranged in the form of a mosaic. The shades range from a lightest pink to a peachy color. Due to the small size of the pattern, it is really difficult to use one single color as a blush, but the best way to use the product is to swirl over the entire product to get a beautiful mix of color. The product has minute sized shimmer particles which can be seen only when observed very carefully. The shimmers do not become obvious on the cheeks but they help in giving a nice glow to the skin. I won’t say that the product is highly pigmented, but the pigmentation is not bad too. 2 swipes of the colors can give the healthiest glow.

NYC Mosaic Face Powder Pink Cheek Glow

Texture: The blush is very soft and smooth to apply and it blends wonderfully with the skin. The colors are so natural that they cannot make you look as a clown.

Staying Power: The blush stays for a good 4 hours, but after 4 hours it starts to fade and in the next 2 hours it goes off completely. So, if you are looking for something that would go for all day long, then this is not a very good option, but yes this can be used for a full day, with one touch up.


Individual Colors
Individual Colors
Colors mixed together
Colors mixed together


  • Affordable
  • Simple packaging
  • Decently pigmented
  • Shimmers are not so obvious
  • Mixing of the 4 colors gives the most beautiful color
  • Soft to apply and easy to blend
  • Good quantity (I have been using this blush since so many months continuously and this does not seem to hit pan)


  • Not easily available in India, and even if available it is very pricy

Would I buy this product again?

No! Though I love this product, I already have 2 of these and the way it’s going, it would take me years to finish both of these.

Do I recommend this?

Absolutely! If you are looking for something affordable with good quality and quantity, then nothing can beat this product.

Rating: 4/5

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22 thoughts on “NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder: Pink Cheek Glow”

  1. I think the colors look amazing and blending them gives a great color tone, but you are right, in some countries it’s very difficult to find NYC products. It’s so bad, when we like something and we have to import – then it becomes pricey. Nevertheless, a very nice product, I guess!

    1. the product is really affordable in USA, but in India, firstly it is nor easily available, and if available it is almost 6 times the price 🙁

    1. thats true dear….an array of colors mixed together actually is more fun to use than a single colored blush

    1. it is amazing for this price…but i don’t think that I will even think of buying it for 1800 bucks…..

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