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NOTD: I love Orange !!!!

Hello Beautiful Ladies !!!!

I am back after a long long break……I was a little busy with my life and job since the past few days and this was the reason I wasn’t able to gather enough time for my dear blog. But now as I have left my Job, I am completely free to do whatever I love. So, I promise you all that from now own wards I will be write on a daily basis….

Today I will be sharing with you all, a very simple nail art design that I did on Independence day. Though I wanted to paint my nails in tricolor, but I ended up using only orange and white. But as I was wearing a green colored outfit on 15th August, my complete look had tricolor in it…..

Hope you all will like the design.

Items Used:

* An orange colored nail enamel (any brand would do, but I used a local brand that I won during a competition) BUY HERE

* White colored floral print stickers

white flowers (1)

white flowers (2)

white flowers (6)

white flowers (4)

white flowers (5)

white flowers (3)


Though my hand look darker than they actually are due to the bright orange color I have used, I still liked the way this color looks on me. What do you think ?

15 thoughts on “NOTD: I love Orange !!!!”

    1. thanks dear….I too love the way this color looks on me….I love orange color and this polish makes me love orange even more 🙂

    1. 🙂 thanks sindhura…..i love the way this looks on me and especially loved the pictures as the color looks even prettier in pictures…..

  1. Would have loved to see the green outfit! I loved the nail art so sweet, very beautiful nails and manicure! You really know how to do it, I loved! Welcome back!

    1. even i wanted to click the pictures in the green outfit, but i forgot to take my camera and the picture quality with my phone was not good enough to post 🙁 but thanks for the compliment dear….

    1. thanks aditi….I am glad that you liked the shape of my nails 🙂 actually its natural and I don’t actually do much to maintain them 🙂

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