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August Fab Bag Review and Pictures

Hello Beautiful Ladies!

Today I will be sharing with you all the items that I received in my August Fab Bag. This month’s bag is called Cast a spell and it contained 5 different items, 3 of which are sample sized. This month all the items are packed inside a beautiful metallic pink colored bag which is not as amazing as last month’s bag but is better than many other bags received in the previous months.

August Fab Bag

Read out the complete review to find out what all I received in my August bag.

For those girls who are not aware about what is Fab Bag, it is a monthly subscription bag in which you get 3-4 sample size makeup and skin care products of various brands. Every bag is customized according to personal preference and skin type. Though the bag and the products are a surprise but in the beginning of subscription a questionnaire is asked to be filled to understand the skin problem, choice of makeup and hair type which really help the Fab Bag team to customize the bag especially for us. The products are always packed in a cute bag which is different every month. The company also provides with a little booklet which contains the details about all the products received in the bag as well as some other products that can be brought from the site.

August Fab Bag

Sometimes Fab Bag does provide 1-2 full sized products too and sometimes you can also get more than 3 products plus some additional goodies.

The subscription can be made for a single month or for the whole year.  The prices are:

For 1 month subscription: Rs 599 per month

For 3 month subscription: Rs 1499 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 6 month subscription: Rs 2699 i.e. around Rs 499 per month

For 12 month subscription: Rs 4799 i.e. around Rs 399 per month

Fab Bag does offer Mid-Term Cancellation, Free shipping and Money-Back Guarantee

August Fab Bag

You can subscribe to get you bag HERE

Without writing much, I would now jump into what all I received in my August Bag

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick- Black (Rs 590/-)

This is the product that I am most excited about in my bag. Have you ever tried a black colored lipstick? I haven’t. This lipstick too seems to be black in color but don’t be afraid, this isn’t actually black. When applied it gives a beautiful natural pink colored tint to the lips and as the time passes the color of the lipstick gets intensified. That’s the reason this lipstick is called Moodmatcher. These lipsticks are said to react to our body chemistry to transform into a picture perfect hue. When seen after few minutes of application, the lipstick entirely changes its color and becomes a bright fuchsia color. I have heard about these lipsticks but as they were pricy I never tried them. I am glad that I received them in my Bag:-)

August Fab Bag

August Fab Bag

August Fab Bag

August Fab Bag

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil (Rs 2000/- for 120 ml)

A 5 ml sample of this product was present in my bag. This non greasy oil penetrates into damaged hair cuticles, leaving hair healthy from the inside out. This oil is 100 % organic and is enriched with Vitamin A and E which helps to achieve shining and strong Rapunzel like locks. Honestly saying I haven’t tried this product yet, but I am excited to use it. The claims made by the company excite me and I really hope that the product will work well on me.

August Fab Bag

Ital Veloce Body Mist- Valvatina (Rs 499/- for 210 ml)

I like the fact that due to Fab bag, I got to try new products and brands which were actually unknown to me and this is one of such brands. I haven’t heard about this brand earlier, but I am really glad that I got this body mist in my bag. I love the fragrance of this mist. It really smells amazing. These body mists are available in 6 different variants and the best part is that they are pretty affordable. I really wish to try more variants from this brand.

August Fab Bag

Divo Eyelash Curler (Full size: Rs 125)

Though I do have 3-4 eyelash curlers, I am still happy to receive this in my bag. I have always received skin care and cosmetic products in my bag but haven’t got something like this in my bag. The company describes thisas a must have makeup tool that suits all eye shapes. Its non slip grip helps to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes for that fluttering doe-eyed look. The Fab Post magazine provided in the bag contains the detailed instructions about how to use this curler.

August Fab Bag

August Fab Bag

Bioderma Photoderm Mat SPF 30 (Rs 1330/- for 40ml)

The bag had 2 mini samples of 5 ml each of Bioderma’s Photoderm Mattifying Fluid. The product helps in prevention of skin blemishes due to a high SPF of 30. Additional to a SPF 30 the product is mattifying which is a must for summer time. No one likes to have an oily looking skin and this product helps to give a Matifying look to the skin.

August Fab Bag

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this month’s bag. I liked the actual bag as well as the products I received inside the bag. I am glad that I received Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick and Ital Veloce Body Mist.

Disclaimer- This month’s bag was sent to me by the brand, but all the opinions I expressed are my own

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  1. That’s great, a black lipstick that turns into pink, I like the idea and would love to have it too! I simply loved your bag – I tell you, the products look great, but alone just the beautiful cute bag would already make me so happy!

    1. I am really amazed to get this lipstick…..its definitely a must try…..it not only turns pink on the lips, but it stays well for the entire day….I loved the lipstick especially the fact that it seems to be black…..I too am happy to get the beautiful bag and the goodies are additional perks 🙂

    1. I haven’t tried birchbox yet….and true even my room is filled with all sort of mini samples which I always forget to use….but I still love the idea of monthly subscription boxes……i have found many products that i loved and many that didn’t suit me…… 🙂

    1. it actually is an interesting box dear……..with these monthly subscription boxes, we got to try so many different products and brands which we would not have tried otherwise… 🙂

    1. thanks Mariyam….true…mood matcher lipstick is a must have, the brand does have something different to offer as compared to other brands 🙂

    1. very true purva…I loved the staying power of this lipstick……it stayed all day long on me and at the end of the day, I had to use a makeup remover to completely remove it 🙂

    1. loved your blog dear……and yes this lipstick is a must try….its different from all the other lipsticks in the market 🙂

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