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Newchic New Collection: Some of my Favourites!

Almost 2 years back I wrote an article about my Wishlist, in which I mentioned all the products I wanted to buy from the website. I honestly didn’t buy everything from my wishlist but I did end up buying a couple of t-shirts for my man, and a couple of funky looking makeup products for myself too.

The t-shirts might not be the bestest he owns, but even after 2 years he has them and still wears them, which justifies the price tag of 850-1000 INR. Today, I will be sharing another wishlist from the same website because in these 2 years Newchic has added a lot of new products in numerous more categories and I again want to try a few of them again.

This time thought the plus point is that the site is instead of, and the prices are also given in Indian currency. This makes it so much easier to select and buy the desired product and not worry about the currency conversion.

As I am a beauty blogger and this is mainly a beauty blog, let’s start with some beauty products!

The website has some beautiful looking eyeshadow palettes to choose from ranging from INR 285 up to almost INR 4600. The website also has some brands which have dupes of some high-end brand palettes. These are not fake products as they are from a different brand, but they are very similar in looks as well as color selection to some of the famous high end palettes.

Some of my personal favourites are:

Some other makeup products that attracted me in the website’s makeup collection are their lipsticks and waterproof eyeliners.

These lipsticks look so similar in packaging to Nars, Colorpop and Pat Mcgrath lipsticks but as obvious by the brand name and the price tag, these are just packaging imitations.

Now coming to some non-makeup products, also has hair wigs. All sorts of wigs can be purchased from the website including short wavy hair, long black hair and various cuts of blonde hair wigs.

A particular section that caught my attention while surfing the website this time was their laser hair removal section. I am not too sure whether this is something new on the website or was it was present earlier too, but they have a lot of options of laser hair removal gadgets. These are slightly on the pricer side, but as they are electronic equipments, they are bound to be pricey.

Have you shopped from before? How was your experience?

For details about the shipping and return policy of the site, you can check out the bottom section of the homepage of

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