My new desire: Hair Extensions

Hello beautiful ladies…..

Hope you all had a great Monday. Today I want to share with you all an amazing site which I came across while surfing for hair extension. Actually few days back I came to know that my uncle is organizing a function in which the person who will have more number of green items will win a prize. When I heard about the prize, I got excited about the competition and decided to participate in it. The winner of the competition will get a gift hamper full of cosmetics. Isn’t this interesting 🙂 so I decided to gather as many green things as I can and then I thought of getting green hair extensions.

I knew that it might be a bit difficult to get the desired product and while surfing the net I came across the site named uuhairextensions.The site has some amazing variety of hair extensions but the one I was looking for was clip in hair extensions in the shade green. Though I ended up buying from a local site, but I was amazed by the variety of options this site has. The site definitely has something for everyone. You can select the required extension by weight, texture, hair length or by color and they have a huge variety in all the above mentioned categories.


Unlike the product that I ordered from the local site, the hair extensions present on this site are available in set of 10 or 12. All the extensions available on this site are made of 100% Remy Human Hair and they look quite similar to natural hair. The size options available on the site range from 16 inches to 28 inches. 22 inch hair extensions are the medium size available option on the site. The site not only has a variety of hair extension but they do offer a good range of wigs too. When seen initially the prices of the extensions might seem on the higher side, but as the prices are for 10-12 pcs and not for 1, they come out to be pretty affordable.


Personally I haven’t tried using a hair extension and I don’t even know exactly how to use them, but this site excites me. There are many occasions where you want your hair to look bouncy and fuller and this is when hair extensions help. They are also a great accessory to use when you have short hair but you want to flaunt long hair. Hopefully one day I will order an amazing set of extensions from this site and if I’ll do that I would prefer one of their 22 inch hair weave.



Have you ever tried using a hair extension? If yes then how was your experience?


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11 thoughts on “My new desire: Hair Extensions”

  1. The contest sounds great! I really loved the idea of some hair extensions, in green, and hair extensions in general. I am biased because I normally always had and have long hair, and I think of having it cut and then regret and keep it long 🙂

  2. Swati… I’ve never tried hair extensions but I’d like tk try out a few colored ones… as I love having strips of color in my hair♡

  3. Nice post Swati. I really like the concept of hair extension. Most of the time I have short hair so sometime I get bored with it. A hair extension would be a refreshing change for me :). Thanks for this update

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